About us

YesPlz was started by Jiwon Hong and Sukjae Cho, the dynamic duo. They have a combined 30 years plus working in the tech industry, noticed that most online shopping websites still don’t have truly personalized recommendations and would just show things that were really similar.

They wanted a solution that was a little more human centered, giving recommendations similar to what a human would.

Jiwon, who worked as a senior product manager at Samsung on their smart TV recommendation engine, and Sukjae, who worked at Microsoft and at various deep tech startups, put their brains together to come up with the next gen personalization engine that would benefit both the customer and the retailer.

They built an AI-fueled search solution that mirrors the way people naturally shop and search for a product.

As as result, YesPlz helps put the joy back in online shopping while reducing hair-pulling frustration for customers who know just that exact thing they’re looking for but can’t put it into words — and who know it when they see it.

Founding Members
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Jiwon Hong
Jiwon’s experience working as a product manager for Samsung and Sony Music inspired her to create a recommendation engine that connects the online marketplace through smart, sleek, and intuitive search experience.
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Sukjae Cho
Sukjae’s specialization in applied AI, combined with his experience as a software engineer for Microsoft and various tech startups, is what keeps YesPlz running smoothly.
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Claire Chang
Greg Kim
Aviram Jenik
Nidhi Desai
Eva Neumann
Brian Alenduff