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How 3 retailers nearly doubled their average cart size?

W.Concept Challenges

  • A large volume of products that need an AI solution
  • Limited engineering resources
  • Lack of custom solution providers

W Concept was growing fast, but their growth created a set of challenges. They needed a customized search system to keep up with new products and to keep shoppers engaged.

Other solutions W Concept looked at were too slow, not customized enough, difficult to integrate, lacked accuracy, and lacked the overall sophistication a fashion-forward brand like W Concept needed.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter uses a mix of visual search and fashion AI, so W Concept shoppers receive accurate, instant search results. The design is UX-friendly, visually-focused, and easy to navigate.

Product Recommend

YesPlz fashion recommendations showed off W Concept's large catalog with both collaborative and similar recommendations. For similar recommendations, AI matches the key design attributes to products, then matches the recommendation against vibe/occasion, creating the perfect recommendation. Collaborative filtering builds off similar recommendations, solving any cold start problems.

Site Search

W Concept shoppers don't need to know the exact keywords that match a product description. By using fashion AI to tag W Concept's product catalog, which are then automatically added to search results, shoppers see more search results that match their search intent. Automated popular keywords, integrated product previews, and a mini-filter help guide W Concept shoppers along the discovery journey.



Increase in
average cart size


search exit rate

Previously unsold
items generating sales


Increase in average
Cart Values


  • Lack of product discovery
  • Limited engineering resources
  • Only popular brands sold

The Handsome’s product catalog is robust and filled with variety, but only popular products were being sold (a typical longtail problem, especially for retailers with larger catalogs), leaving much of their product catalog undiscovered by shoppers.

Although The Handsome team had amazing ideas on how to improve product discovery based on their own experience, they had limited engineering resources to build out their ideas internally. Struggling to keep up with their already heavy workload, the engineering team simply didn’t have the capacity to build out new product discovery.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter empowered The Handsome shoppers to find the silhouettes and product attributes they love, without having to navigate difficult-to-use search filters. Shoppers can now filter by silhouette, occasion, as well as pattern & color, on an easy-to-use virtual mannequin.

By tapping into the visual nature of shopping, we've unlocked more shopper engagement and made their search experience seamless.


The Handsome shoppers discover their unique personal style with the YesPlz Fashion Quiz, by swiping "yes" or "no" on styles. Then, they get real, tailored and relevant product recommendations based on their selections.


Coming Soon

We just launched our product and looking for the results.
We’ll keep you updated.

Kolon Mall Challenges

  • Current search navigation doesn’t meet customer needs
  • Large SKUs require manual and time-consuming product updates
  • Current search solutions are expensive

Kolon Mall is one of the top 3 fashion powerhouse websites in Korea.


Kolon Mall’s customers can't find what they're looking for using text search, leaving them dissatisfied.

With new SKUs added daily, Kolon Mall was unable to supply accurate, rich product descriptions in a timely manner for its ever-growing inventory of SKUs and to find the proper words to describe their unique designs in the way customers would understand or search for.

Another challenge was the overall high price for custom search solutions.

Product Recs

Don’t limit the product recommendations into a product detail page. Place along your customer’s journey and help discover their styles along the way.
Kolon Mall smartly place the product recommendation from the product detail page to the shopping cart increasing conversion rathe furhter.



Additional sales


Immediate conversion
spike at checkout

Previously unsold
items generating sales


Increase in average
Cart Values

Cold start problem

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