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Inspire product discovery using fashion-trained artificial intelligence. Give your customers an interactive, visual discovery tool to explore fashion attributes such as style, fit, design, and moods.

The YesPlz Fashion Discovery Suite

Customization for Your Needs

Our technology can quickly customize per your business needs from tagging to widgets.

Single Integration

Either API or dumping your data feed works for us. We'll take care of the rest, so you just need to plug-in widgets to your website.

Automated Product Tagging

Our AI shines when tagging richer product data in seconds. Provide your shoppers with a more accurate search and discovery experience.

Product 1

Automatic Product Tagging That Enriches Shopping Discovery

We’ve got the key attributes matter the most to shoppers: silhouette, color, pattern, details, and even mood. Automate the tagging process and get richer product information for your catalog. Make the shopping experience delightful!

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Product 2

The Virtual Mannequin Filter

Increases an average cart size by 1.7x. Our virtual mannequin filter is visual, interactive powered by AI helping shoppers find exactly what they're looking for. No more high bounce off without finding their favorite styles.

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Product 3

AI Stylist powered by ChatGPT

ChatGPT Fashion Stylist is an AI-powered virtual personal shopper that is revolutionizing the way people shop. Our AI styling combines the power of natural language processing and advanced computer vision to provide real personalization that cater to your unique style.

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Product 4

Gen AI Fashion Search

Our search exit is 3 times higher than the industry standard. Autocomplete, popular suggestions, and mini preview help a shopper not to leave without finding what she is looking for. The site search enhanced by image tagging is ready to be integrated into your website.

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Product 5

Product Recommendations that Tailored to Shoppers

Our product recommendations include similar but varied, frequently bought together, bundle suggestions, and complete the look powered by ML based on image, text, and user data. Pick and choose or have them all to make your product discovery delightful for your shoppers.

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Product 6

Personalization Engine that Elevates the Online Shopping Experience

A personalization engine that uses fashion AI to learn shopper behavior, preferences, and tastes. Fresh picks and daily fashion drops keep shoppers engaged.

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Single Integration to a Multiple Discovery Suites

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Rest API

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Mobile First

Mobile friendly UI and integration

Highly Efficient
Fashion AI

10X more

Efficient Machine Learning

Hybrid Tagging

With Computer
Vision & NLP

Over 2,000 hours

User interviews to define key attributes that matter

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