Discovery Suite 2

The Virtual Mannequin Filter

Quickly and accurately narrow down fashion search. Our virtual mannequin is completely customizable to your shopper's search preferences.

Feature 1

Filter with a virtual mannequin

Proven to increase number of products added to cart. Keep shoppers engaged during journey. Customizable by what shoppers value most: fit and silhouette.

Feature 2

Faceted filters that outperform single filters

Guide shoppers through their journey with easy-to-use faceted filters, along with visual cues. Shoppers select multiple filters to build search results that reflect her preferences, resulting in more time spent discovering your product catalog.

Feature 3

Filter by theme, mood, or occasion with fashion-trained AI

Don't manually tag your product attributes. Fashion-trained AI recognizes occasions from your product catalog, and automatically creates thematic categories in milliseconds. Always show shoppers accurate, timely thematic filters without lifting a finger.

Why YesPlz AI?

Customization for Your Needs

Our technology can quickly customize per your business needs', from tagging to widgets.

Single Integration

Either API or dumping your data feed works for us. We'll take care of the rest, so you just need to plug-in widgets to your website.

Automated Product Tagging

Our AI shines in tagging richer data in seconds. Provide your shoppers with a more accurate search and discovery experience.

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Can your eCommerce search filter do this?

Ecommerce product filters are crucial when helping shoppers quickly find the products they’re looking for. When designed well, they can turn a mediocre shopping experience into a superior one.
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