Discovery Suite 3

Enhanced Site Search That Combines the Best of Visual and Text

Our search exit is 3 times higher than the industry standard. Autocomplete, popular suggestions, and mini preview help a shopper not to leave without finding what she is looking for. The site search enhanced by image tagging is ready to be integrated into your website.

Feature 1

Fresh, popular keywords and top suggestions with autocomplete

Our AI continually updates the latest popular keywords and suggestions, keeping search fresh, relevant, and accurate.

Feature 2

Instant search result with mini product preview

As a shopper types, our AI predicts the complete search term and displays preview images, making discovery easier and more enhanced.

Feature 3

Additional side filter paired with text search

Along with text search comes an extra side-filter for shoppers to further filter down text results, allowing shoppers to find their exact preferences.

Why YesPlz AI?

Richer search results enhanced with image tagging

Image tagging allows us to create richer product information which enhance the site search experience.

Why YesPlz AI?

Customization for Your Needs

Our technology can quickly customize per your business needs from tagging to widgets.

Single Integration

Either API or dumping your data feed works for us. We'll take care of the rest, so you just need to plug-in widgets to your website.

Automated Product Tagging

Our AI shines when tagging richer product data in seconds. Provide your shoppers with a more accurate search and discovery experience.

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eCommerce Text Search Features You Should Know About

Image tagging generates richer product information for site search. We've redefined the text search experience and the case study is coming up!
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