Discovery Suite 1

Deep Product Tagging

We studied the key product attributes that matter most to shoppers: silhouette, color, pattern, details--and even mood. With an automated product tagging process, you'll receive richer product information for your catalog.

Feature 1

Essential Product Attributes

Women & men's apparel, shoes and accessories. We have the key product attributes that matter most to shoppers, defined by our extensive research.

Feature 2

Thematic Tagging For Every Occasion

Shoppers want to quickly filter by occasion, mood, or vibe. Our AI has an eye for fashion and can tag any thematic category, from romantic to chic to off-duty.

Feature 3

Deep Tagging API

Easily plug in and start automated product tagging. Say goodbye to manual tagging.

Why YesPlz AI?

The Most Effective Fashion Tagging

  • Tag smarter, not harder
  • 100+ user interviews define the key attributes tagged
  • Active machine learning using both images and texts for higher accuracy and speed
  • We trained over a million fashion data points and are ready for yours

Why YesPlz AI?

Customization for Your Needs

Our technology can quickly customize per your business needs from tagging to widgets.

Single Integration

Either API or dumping your data feed works for us. We'll take care of the rest, so you just need to plug-in widgets to your website.

Automated Product Tagging

Our AI shines when tagging richer product data in seconds. Provide your shoppers with a more accurate search and discovery experience.

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Essential Guide for Fashion Tagging

Fashion tagging doesn’t need to be your eCommerce’s Achille’s heel—in fact, it can open the doors to all types of personalization experiences. With a clear understanding of what it is, and the difference between tagging solutions, you’ll be better equipped to find the best tagging solution—without frustration, impatience, or feeling overwhelmed.
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