AI Fashion Tagging
that inspires product discovery

Fashion tagging enhances product search and discovery for shoppers. Behind our products is powerful AI image tagging.

Product 1

Style Filter: Visual Search Navigation Made Easy

Quickly and accurately narrow down fashion search. Our virtual mannequin is completely customizable to your shopper's search preferences.

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Product 2

Product Recommendations that Tailored to Shoppers

We have an eye for fashion and know how to create the perfect product recommendation. From similar products to completing an outfit, our product recommendations will impress shoppers.

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Product 3

Personalization Engine that Elevates the Online Shopping Experience

A personalization engine that uses fashion AI to learn shopper behavior, preferences, and tastes. Fresh picks and daily fashion drops keep shoppers engaged.

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Seamless Integration

Java Script UI Widget

Supports multiple layouts and customizable

Rest API

Easy product registration

Shopify Ready

Free customized theme supports

Mobile First

Mobile friendly UI and integration

Highly Efficient
Fashion AI

10X more

Efficient Machine Learning

Hybrid Tagging

With Computer
Vision & NLP

Over 2,000 hours

User interviews to define key attributes that matter

Our Solution

YesPlz Fashion AI
All Inclusive Product Suite

Get automatic fashion tagging and access to all of our fashion AI solutions from data enrichment to an interactive visual search filter for your website.

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