Product 2

Product Recommendations that Tailored to Shoppers

We have an eye for fashion and know how to create the perfect product recommendation. From similar products to completing an outfit, our product recommendations will impress shoppers.

Use Case 1

Accurate Recommendations in Product Details Page

Curate perfect recommendations that boost sales. Our AI is trained to suggest products that are fashion-forward and accurate.

Use Case 2

Increase Cart Size with Recommendations in Checkout Area

At checkout, customers are ready-to-buy--and an accurate recommendation can boost cart size.

Use Case 3

AI Styling Recommendations to Build a Complete Look

Inspire customers with fashionable styling recommendations. All powered by fashion AI.

Why YesPlz AI?


Our technology can quickly customize per a client’s needs from tagging to widgets.

Easy Integration

Either API or dumping data feed works for us. We’ll take care of the rest so you just need to plug-in widgets to your website.

Auto Tagging

This is where AI shines. Tagging richer data in faster seconds provides your shoppers more accurate search and discovery experience.

Curious to see how YesPlz AI works?

How AI Recommendations Can Improve Your Business

+15% additional sales generated +13.5% conversion spark at checkout +10% increase in average cart values

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