5 Reasons Why I Like an AI Stylist

Exploring the Benefits of AI-Powered Fashion Stylist on eCommerce Business

Jiwon Hong, March 2024

If I could afford a fashion stylist, I would hire one. I could refresh my wardrobe and reinvent myself with a new fashion style. Most of the time, though, I am content to find a style that I know will fit me well or explore new trending styles I've been eyeing on social media.

The only problem is, it still takes time to find that style, and the navigation process is not always pleasant. Which keywords should I use to search? How long do I need to browse until I find what I'm looking for?

Now, I've met an AI Stylist, and it seems to understand me, therefore finding the relevant items. Of course, I can’t expect the pleasure of having a nice conversation with a human stylist. There is always a trade-off. So please keep that in mind, and here are my findings on the AI fashion stylist.


5 reasons why I like my AI Stylist

  • It’s fast
  • It’s fun
  • It’s personalized
  • It’s free!
  • It’s accessible 24/7


It’s fast – When I asked for a cocktail dress to look glamorous, I got 36 outfit suggestions in a second!

It’s fun – Even if I can't afford to buy everything, browsing through the outfits my AI Stylist puts together is a fun experience.

It’s personalized - While I might not agree with every outfit suggested by the AI Stylist, I provide feedback through thumbs up and down. This leads to personalized recommendations that I find captivating, often spiraling into a rabbit hole of exploration.

It’s free - When it's an additional service experience on a brand or retailer’s website, I don’t have to pay additional money and can ask as many as questions I’d like to ask. 

It’s accessible 24/7 - There's no need to input my email in the chatbox and wait for the results. There are no additional iterations to be made back and forth with a stylist. I can access styling suggestions anytime, anywhere.


Here’s your online shopping experience before and after AI Stylist. 


"I’ve got a job interview. Something casual and professional."


"I have a party to go. I want to look glam and luxurious."

AI Stylist recommending a glam cocktail party

AI Stylist recommending luxurious party outfits


"Can you find me Y2K style look?"

AI Stylist recommending Y2K style outfits


"I’ve got a cute white crop top. What should I wear with?"

AI Stylist recommending what to wear with a white top


"I'm a petite size. What type of jeans do you recommend?"

AI Stylist recommending a type of jeans for petite size woman


While a talented human stylist offers unique interaction and service, for instant access and tailored recommendations, the AI Stylist is perfect. eCommerce businesses can offer a talented human stylist for customers seeking personalized human interaction and high-quality service beyond what AI can provide. Simultaneously, they can integrate an AI Stylist on their website for customers like myself who prefer instant access to tailored recommendations aligned with their needs.

If you’re curious about AI Stylist and see how it works for your eCommerce business, schedule a discovery call today!

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by Jiwon Hong Jiwon Hong
CEO & Co-founder at YesPlz

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