6 Ideas to Use ChatGPT for Fashion eCommerce

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Jess Erdman, February 2023






Unless you’ve been living without internet in 2023, you’ve seen dozens of articles about the latest AI chatbot by Open AI, ChatGPT. From its content-producing ability to understanding complex topics, it seems like the possibilities are endless. 


But, what exactly does ChatGPT mean for fashion eCommerce?


We brainstormed the best ways to use ChatGPT for fashion eCommerce below:


1. Strategizing How to Use ChatGPT in Everyday Business


We asked ChatGPT for ideas on how to integrate it to build a successful fashion eCommerce.


Ideas to use ChatGPT for fashion eCommerce


The answers include:


1. Customer Service: You can train ChatGPT to be your best customer service assistant, providing around-the-clock support for FAQs.


2. Product Recommendations: With NLP, ChatGPT can recommend products based on previous purchases and behavior.


3. Personalized Marketing: You can use ChatGPT to create dynamic marketing campaigns, from email to copywriting.


4. Content Creation: Tired of writing long blog posts? ChatGPT can create blogs for to promote your fashion eCommerce.


5. Chatbot Integration: AI chatbots are an easy way to keep the shopping experience engaging. 


2. Generate enhanced product descriptions in multiple languages


We asked ChatGPT to generate product descriptions for a woman's top with very specific product attributes. By providing the most important product attributes, you can easily create hundreds of product descriptions in seconds. 


AI-generated product descriptions for ecommerce


How did we get those product attributes? We asked YesPlz AI to generate product attributes by using fashion tagging, and automatically identify product tags from images of clothing. As a result, eCommerce can automate the process of creating product descriptions even further.


In addition, eCommerce brands can add their most important keywords and benefits to product description prompts to have truly robust product descriptions.


We can even take the product description one step further, and ask for the writing in the style of well-known fashion industry icon, like Anna Wintour.


A product description written like Anna Wintour by ChatGPT


Language barrier? Non-existent with ChatGPT. Easily translate the product description into a new language, like Korean:


An automated eCommerce product description translated to Korean by ChatGPT


Product descriptions that could take days to generate now take minutes, with a well-crafted prompt. 


3. Create email marketing campaigns for fashion eCommerce


We then asked ChatGPT to create a short email campaign promoting the black sleeveless dress. The results included a captivating subject line, bullet points highlighting benefits and why the customer should purchase the dress, and customer reviews. 


Overall–a great starting point for crafting email marketing campaigns, in our opinion.


An AI-generated email campaign for an eCommerce brand as created by ChatGPT


4. Make AI styling suggestions for shoppers.


We asked ChatGPT to “Complete the Look” for a women’s top that included the following attributes: 

AI styling suggestions by ChatGPT


ChatGPT responded with 3 looks: casual, dressed up, and comfortable. But, because it is only using text descriptions, it’s styling abilities might feel a bit limited–especially in the visual world of fashion eCommerce.


What if there was an even better way to complete the look, using AI?


With YesPlz AI Styling, powerful, fashion-trained AI makes styling suggestions based on mood, theme, and product attributes–based on both product descriptions and images. 


YesPlz AI styling
YesPlz AI Styling


5. Brainstorm ideas for upcoming promotion events for a website


Out of ideas for seasonal promotion events? Simply ask ChatGPT, and receive ideas like hosting a “spring cleaning sale” to get rid of old inventory, a spring-themed photoshoot to spice up your website, and spring-themed giveaways for shoppers. 


ChatGPT suggestions for an eCommerce brand's spring promotions


6.Strategize eCommerce website design.


ChatGPT shines when asked to outline or brainstorm ideas with a pre-determined reference. In the example below, we asked ChatGPT to outline a website that is inspired by NastyGal’s website.


ChatGPT strategizing website design in the style of NastyGal


In return, we received suggestions on Homepage design (include testimonials, and don’t forget a newsletter sign-up link), category pages (including UX features to include to make the search process easier), and product details (users want to see sizing information and high quality images when shopping online).


What is the future of ChatGPT for fashion eCommerce?

While ChatGPT’s AI is impressive in its breadth, there are some limitations when it comes to using a text-based AI tool for fashion eCommerce. Because fashion eCommerce is visual, it would be helpful to be able to integrate images into search prompts (or receive images in return).

ChatGPT Fashion Stylist for an outfit suggestions


YesPlz AI can help online fashion retailers create their own ChatGPT fashion stylist using their product catalog. Our AI matches ChatGPT's fashion recommendations to products from a retailer's catalog based on the image tagging solution and fashion transformer we have built.



Curious to see how it works with your product catalog? Either join the waitlist for the closed beta, or schedule a demo today!



Schedule a demo to see the private demo for ChatGPT fashion stylist.Schedule a demo



by Jess Erdman Jess Erdman
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