7 Fashion Influencers Embracing Fashion Technology

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Jess Erdman, September 2023

AI is making waves in the fashion industry, with influencers testing out AI tools to see how they hold up to their fashion preferences. Can AI styling tools (or just ChatGPT) meet their high expectations?


Fashion influencers’ embrace of AI can also offer a glimpse of what social shopping of the future could look like, with influencers sharing not only their favorite products, but technology recommendations for their followers who are looking for fashion inspiration.


We reviewed the latest influencer videos of 2023, and watched as they gave examples of fashion AI technology and lamented the technology’s limitations. 


Is the future of fashion influencers in AI?


Here are 7 fashion influencers embracing fashion AI technology, and their thoughts:


Can an AI styling app use Mia Maples’ own clothing to come up with interesting styles?



Mia Maples embraced fashion AI by downloading and using “ACloset” app, which allows shoppers to upload images of their own wardrobe and ask AI to style outfits based on their own clothing.


Mia noted that it took a few hours for her to manually input 377 pieces into the app, which required that she manually take a photo of each item of clothing.


Then, she tested the app, asking whether maybe the “purpose of the app was to throw different outfits at the wall until inspired.” After clicking on AI-generated outfits, she was impressed that the AI could pick up and match colors, but still wasn’t fully satisfied with the full extent of styling ideas.


The takeaway? Avoid implementing fashion AI apps that take too long for users to get started, as they will actively lose interest.


A Day of ChatGPT-Styled Outfits with Cup of Jordy



The next influencer, Cup of Jordy, wanted to stump ChatGPT with fake scenarios to see the level of sophistication in clothing suggestions. 


For example, she asked “What to wear to a coffee shop on a cold day?”


However, she was disappointed to find that “AI took the easy route” by suggesting to dress in warm layers.


She then asked for an outfit for a mall, with ChatGPT suggesting that she choose lightweight, comfortable pants and bring a cross-body bag or backpack.


Our takeaway? ChatGPT and AI-chatbots give answers that are too high-level for shoppers looking to receive specific styling advice.

Roxxsaurus Purchased ChatGPT-Suggested Products and Tried Them On



Another influencer, Roxxasaurus, tried out ChatGPT’s styling abilities, asking for recommended outfits. She found the initial results to be an overwhelming list of text items, and had to ask further for ChatGPT to provide one look or outfit.


Her conclusion? “ChatGPT isn’t going to give you a creative answer–it’s still very hot or miss.”


However, her willingness to embrace fashion technology and think of AI as a “personal stylist” instead of “something scary” shows that influencers are excited by the latest AI technologies.


The end outfit: a deep emerald green sweater, a pair of black trousers, black ankle pants, and a statement necklace. Because products weren’t integrated for her to buy, she had to separately purchase from Asos.


While ChatGPT and other chatbots may be hit or miss, apps like the YesPlz AI Stylist allow shoppers to give their opinions on outfits, effectively training the AI to understand style. And, with integrated retailer products in the app, shoppers can purchase entire outfits in just a click.


Kenee Yolees Thoughts on Snapchat’s My AI and ChatGPT Styling



Kenee Yolees enlisted the help of Snapchat’s “My AI '' to help her choose between different color sneakers, but quickly became annoyed that there was a link for an ad that would require her to click away.


She then asked for ideas for a casual dinner outfit, asking both My AI and ChatGPT to give her recommendations. Despite providing the AI with little information about her, she still expected results to be personalized to her, showing the high level of personalization that shoppers expect.


A Quick Tutorial on How to Combine ChatGPT and Midjourney




TikTok user Planetmarcellus offered followers a quick tutorial on how to generate new clothing. Simply go to ChatGPT and type in your favorite brands, and ask it to create ideas for new products. Then, ask ChatGPT for ideas for prompts to put into a graphic generator like Midjourney.


Fashion AI is here to help!


An AI Fashion Tutorial- Using Dall-E to Make a Video with Different Outfits



TikTok user KarenxCheng got creative using AI, creating a step-by-step tutorial on how to generate different outfits in a moving video. By using Dall-E and EBSynth, she generated clothing that changed as she walked down the sidewalk.


We love seeing influencers getting creative with fashion AI to make even better, higher-quality TikTok videos.


Asking AI to Style a Specific Dress



What about shoppers that have a specific dress they want styled? TikTok User Tateaanar asked ChatGPT to style a red, patterned, mid-length dress, and showed followers the end result with her own clothing.


The YesPlz AI Stylist Is The Answer to Creative Styling


The YesPlz AI Stylist is the latest and best way to get creative AI styling that’s always fashion-forward. Shoppers aren’t limited by text-based answers, and can see real, integrated products to shop from.




YesPlz’s AI gets to know shoppers with a short quiz, and is constantly learning from their preferences.


And, unlike ChatGPT, shoppers can shop the products directly and return to see their favorited products or new curated products.


Based on influencers’ videos above, they want to see fully curated outfits, not piece-by-piece products. 


YesPlz AI Stylist gives shoppers the option to refresh an entire outfit, or replace just one product, making the shopping experience that much more interactive. The AI Stylist is backed by proprietary technology that uses layers of ML, allowing the stylist to play the role of both fashion stylist and personal shopping assistant, making the experience both personal and fashion-forward.

by Jess Erdman Jess Erdman
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