Generative AI in Fashion: Solve Your Wardrobe Crisis

Updates to GPT AI Stylist

YesPlz.AI, August 2023

Long gone are the days of endlessly browsing irrelevant products, without any control over the search and discovery journey. With GPT AI Stylist, powerful generative AI in fashion is changing the way that shoppers discover products, making the experience more engaging and personalized at every step.


We're sharing the latest updates to GPT AI Stylist to keep you in the loop. 


Read on to witness how generative AI in fashion is radically changing discovery, with instant outfit generation and intensely personalized curations. Fashion discovery is now more effortless and exciting than ever, thanks to the imagination of AI.



Try the GPT AI Stylist 


Generative AI in Fashion can answer any search prompt, no matter how vague!


Having a wardrobe crisis? Not sure what to wear to your next date? GPT AI Stylist is ready with instant styling suggestions, using generative AI in fashion to keep the conversation going. 



Thanks to the capabilities of generative AI in fashion, get personalized styling and product recommendations in mere seconds.


Ask our GPT-powered fashion assistant for suggestions for any occasion, activity or style. Generative AI in fashion delivers instant results for every shopper's unique needs.



Generative AI in Fashion Can Find Sporty Athleisure


Sporty athleisure looks that you can instantly throw together for a put-together look? ✔️


Full outfit curations ✔️


Outfits for any vibe? ✔️



Get 20 full, different outfits in just a few seconds. Generative AI in fashion allows for endless outfit inspiration, letting shoppers explore the depths of retailers' product catalogs to find combinations that work for their tastes.


Ask for outfit combinations for anything--from special occasions to rainy days to a casual coffee hang with friends. 


GPT AI Stylist can understand any fashion request, no matter how complex or detailed. No more dead-end searches or repetitive chatbot conversations.


Generative AI in Fashion Can Make Boho Chic Looks for Music Festivals


Going to a music festival? Generative AI in fashion makes festival style a breeze.


Ask our AI stylist to immediately generate boho chic looks tailored for your next event. Get tons of customized outfit ideas in seconds thanks to generative AI in fashion. 


Get full looks for any occasion or vibe, complete with "style with" suggestions to create complete outfit combinations.



What about a chic resort vacation look?



Vacation fashion is easy when generative AI can deliver occasion-specific products and looks.


Specify the vibe you want from GPT AI Stylist and instantly get outfit ideas for your next tropical getaway or ski vacation.


Wait, there's more. Instantly receive your personalized curations with Generative AI in Fashion.


With just a few "likes" or "dislikes," the GPT AI Stylist is ready to pull personalized curations of products you'll love, just for you.



Further refine your search by continuing to train our AI by clicking the "like" or "dislike" button to receive even better styling results.



The more users give feedback, the better the GPT AI Stylist is trained to understand a specific shopper's tastes--meaning that she'll receive even more personalized curations than the last batch. 



Could the GPT AI Stylist be your new best friend in styling?


With lightning-quick generative fashion AI to create customized outfits, finding the perfect look has never been easier.


And, generative AI in fashion isn't only changing fashion discovery--it's completely transforming it.


Welcome to the future of discovery. Are you ready to take the leap?


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