AI-Powered Circular Fashion: How Big Sister Swap Leverages AI for Sustainable Fashion

Case Study of Circular Fashion and AI

YesPlz.AI, February 2024


Meet Big Sister Swap, Online Personalized Swapping Service


"I have such positive things to say about YesPlz AI. The integration process has been so amazing. Jiwon and her team are quick to understand the use-case and integration is pretty much seamless. Their models are really high quality and understand the nuances of fashion. The mannequin filter is such a clever way to search for clothing. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to use AI in fashion." 

- Zac Galibov, CTO, Big Sister Swap.


Big Sister Swap (BSS) is a very cool circular fashion platform based in the UK. They offer the world's only online personalized swapping service. BSS processes pre-owned clothes and serves a new shopper with handpicked curation by in-house stylists.

AI meets circular fashion


Challenges: What Does a Circular Fashion Platform, BSS, Need Fashion AI for?


BSS faces the challenge of managing a growing number of merchandise items and requires a better way to organize them digitally. They aim to make it super easy for their in-house stylists to search and discover items for accurate curation.


Manually inputting tagging information is a daunting task, especially with a rapidly growing inventory of pre-owned items lacking detailed product information.


That’s when BSS began exploring different ways to automate this process.


Solutions: Properly Trained AI Is a Great Assistant for Stylists and Merchandisers


Initially, BSS sought a visual search solution where stylists could upload a product and search for similar styles. While effective, this method had limitations, such as the inability to customize searches for variations like different sleeve lengths or colors.


Luckily, YesPlz AI offers a full range of product discovery solutions, including the Virtual Mannequin Filter, Complete the Look, Similar Look, Site Search, and Personalized Shopping Carts powered by AI. These solutions are based on fashion AI which automatically recognizes fashion product information such as silhouette, color, pattern, and even vibes from both product images and text, providing essential fashion product discovery widgets. 


The fashion AI for eCommerce is assisting the in-house stylists at BSS, who will make the final call with their customers in mind, enabling them to perform their job more effectively. 


Check out the looks our AI Stylist has picked for BSS:

AI Styling for Pre-owned Dress


AI Styling for Pre-owned Cropped Pants

AI Styling for Casual OOTD


Process: What is the Integration Process for Fashion AI into eCommerce? 

It starts with a discovery call to understand what solutions we can offer, followed by product data collection to familiarize our AI with the products. Then, the widget is installed on the website, and integration is completed within 2-4 weeks.

AI Integration Process into a Fashion Website


The fun part of this project was adding many custom filter fields specifically addressing BBS’s business needs. We configured 10 additional unique filtering options into our Virtual Mannequin Filter, allowing them to easily narrow down options and quickly search for styles their customers will love!


AI for eCommerce with Custom Fields Filter

AI for eCommerce with Advanced Custom Fields

Auto product tagging for circular fashion


Results: How Did the AI in Fashion Help the Circular Fashion Platform? 

BBS now has access to five discovery solutions, especially the comprehensive filtering solution, which seamlessly works with our auto product tagging and their custom filtering options.


Site Search for Circular Fashion

In closing, we love circular fashion for its positive environmental impact and believe it shines when matched to new owners who will cherish it. Properly trained AI with a keen eye for fashion can bridge the gap pre-owned products face, providing automation solutions such as tagging attributes, generating product descriptions, and offering personalized product discovery experiences. We’re happy to be part of it in a way we can. 


Customer testimonial for fashion AI


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