The Latest 2023 AI in eCommerce News:

AI Stylist Updates

YesPlz.AI, September 2023




As 2023 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the latest AI in eCommerce news with you, when it comes to the YesPlz AI stylist. 


As AI has continued to dominate the conversation in eCommerce in 2023, we’re continuing to improve the YesPlz AI Stylist to make it better and even more personalized than before. Far more than just a chatbot, the YesPlz AI Stylist is providing a personalized shopping experience that’s individualized to each shopper and curated to their tastes, along with engaging personalization to keep shoppers discovering products.


The YesPlz AI Stylist is the first-ever AI stylist powered by combined AI processes, allowing us to interpret any shopper prompt and deliver instant, individualized styling curations for any request.


Here’s the latest AI in eCommerce news 2023 for the AI Stylist:



Why do shoppers need an AI stylist?


Let’s take a second to think about the modern online experience: from Spotify to Netflix, shoppers have become accustomed to getting hyper-personalized recommendations based on their unique tastes and previous purchases. In fact, they’re so accustomed to AI that they may not even realize that the AI is there.


When it comes to AI in eCommerce, modern shoppers also expect an AI-driven experience. They want to be able to discover products with instant styling suggestions, that are uniquely personalized to them and available for purchase. 


The YesPlz AI stylist drastically enhances the process of product discovery for shoppers, when compared to traditional eCommerce search.



The Latest 2023 AI in eCommerce News: YesPlz AI Stylist Updates


After a successful initial launch, we’re making the YesPlz AI stylist even smarter and better than previous versions. This includes:


Smarter AI Stylist: We’ve trained our fashion artificial intelligence to completely understand fashion vibes and search intention to create the smartest version of our AI stylist. 


Through detailed analysis of user interactions and prompts during our private beta period, we were able to amass a robust dataset based on real shopper behavior, for training our AI models.


Leveraging this unique, real-world data, we trained our AI stylist to go beyond simple tasks and deliver truly personalized styling expertise. Our models have mastered understanding user intent, matching products to style aspirations, and providing tailored outfit recommendations - essentially performing as a human stylist and shopping assistant combined.


This includes machine learning models that:
-Understand a shopper’s intention based on chat history
-Are capable of connecting a user’s search intention to the correct product category.
-Match the key fashion vibe and style to the product category.


For example, an A-line dress alone isn’t enough to accurately match a product to a shopper’s true intentions. Instead, our AI style can match an A-line dress to a romantic vibe, or chic vibe, or boho vibe–all depending on a user’s true intentions and preferences matched from previous chats and the style quiz.


The result: Our AI Stylist is smarter than before, and able to match more relevant styles from a shopper’s inquiry. The AI has expanded its fashion knowledge through extensive training data. And it continues to learn about shoppers’ preferences from their feedback and engagement.



How do shoppers search for products?


Based on YesPlz research, shoppers look for styles based on 1) their unique occasion; 2) personal attributes such as height, weight, skin color, or occupation, then; 3) style aspiration such as the desire to look luxurious, fit, or trendy. 


See more details in this special report.




Personalization for AI in eCommerce That Goes Beyond the Basics


AI in eCommerce rings empty without personalization, which is the key to improving the customer experience and delivering the best possible products.


Our latest updates to the AI stylist include:


A personal style quiz: After taking a brief style quiz, shoppers see products catered to their unique style preferences.


“What should I wear for a party tonight?” has different results for a minimal style or a romantic style selected during the quiz.



Thumb up and down: Shoppers love to interact with the AI stylist, and by delivering their feedback, the AI is constantly learning shopper style preferences. A thumbs up or down trains the AI Stylist about preferences, making it easier for it to search for more relevant product suggestions. 



The result:

-Personalized recommendations: We aren’t just calling recommendations “personalized”--we truly mean it. One shopper’s chat with the AI stylist is different from others, so the recommendations are completely different from one shopper to another based on chat history.


-Personalized feed: Our AI puts together style feeds that you can quickly browse through. The feed is highly personalized based on shopper likes and dislikes. 


How does the process work?


The process is simple:

1- A fashion brand or retailer shares product images from their website

2- YesPlz AI trains the AI Stylist to be familiar with the product catalog and unique attributes

3- Retailers integrate the AI Stylist widget with their online store, which takes 2-4 weeks.



Why is YesPlz AI Stylist is future of AI in eCommerce?



Shoppers want to search by occasion, body type, and their style aspirations, but the current search and recommendations fail to deliver this experience.


The YesPlz AI Stylist leverages AI to truly understand fashion and hold personalized conversations. This enables it to serve each shopper's individual needs better than ever before.


YesPlz AI has specialized in building fashion AI for years. Our solutions power the top fashion retailers with AI-powered search and discovery. Our unique data and dedicated focus on fashion AI can now help eCommerces of all sizes provide next-level personalized discovery that’s distinctive and accurate.



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