Can retailers have it all? How ChatGPT Fashion Stylist Is Changing the Game

By YesPlz AI

Jess Erdman, July 2023

As a rapidly growing number of leading retailers turn to ChatGPT-powered search technologies, you might be curious about what sets YesPlz GPT Fashion Stylist apart from the rest. 


Instant styling suggestions powered by AI Stylist


Our innovative fashion transformer is designed with a deep understanding of the language of fashion, offering much more than simple keyword-based recommendations. While other ChatGPT-powered technology for retail focuses on search enhancement, at YesPlz AI, we’ve built the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist to create a full product discovery experience, powered by fashion-trained AI.


By weaving a fully-integrated product discovery experience into users' shopping journeys, we take them through the product discovery journey seamlessly and intuitively. 


YesPlz GPT Fashion Stylist is a complete virtual fashion stylist, combining intuitive natural language search and powerful personalization features to elevate the shopping experience. 


It seamlessly integrates with any B2B product catalog, while curating items based on up-to-date fashion trends and showcasing a unique fashion point of view. 


Service Scenarios for ChatGPT Fashion Stylist


As soon as shoppers open up a pop-up chat on a retailer’s website, they can immediately start typing in prompts to start their fashion discovery journey. The ChatGPT Fashion Stylist can understand any prompt, even if there are spelling errors.


Service scenario 1 for chatgpt fashion stylist


As a reliable, fashion-forward style advisor, YesPlz ChatGPT Fashion Stylist guides shoppers through the many products available, making an overwhelming experience more manageable.


Service scenario 1 for chatgpt fashion stylist where shoppers can chat


Shoppers receive answers immediately and directly within the chat feature, complete with images and product links. This allows for tailored outfit suggestions and quick access to purchase decisions. Shoppers also see our AI’s personally curated products for them, based on their previous shopping history and preferences.


Service scenario 3 for chatgpt fashion stylist for product discovery


For retailers, it is a unique opportunity to showcase their full product catalog and offer complementary items that are perfectly suited for each customer – effectively increasing basket size.


You will never run out of recommendations when our AI Stylist is paired with our similar recommendation feature. Shoppers will always discover the fresh styles they're looking for.

AI Stylist Similar Recommendations


The ChatGPT Fashion Stylist keeps shoppers engaged throughout their product discovery journey, providing a continuous experience that both delights customers and drives better results for retailers. 


Editable Prompts for Retailers


Editable prompts for ChatGPT Fashion Stylist


When a shopper opens up ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, they see suggested question prompts to start their eCommerce discovery experience.


We’ve made these prompts editable by retailers. Now, retailers can show the prompts that are most relevant or seasonal to their catalogs. We’re putting the power back in the hands of retailers, giving them a new way to directly communicate with shoppers during the discovery journey.


Retailers can also see top-selected shopper prompts, giving them valuable business insights into the shopper mindset.

A Chat Pop-up That Gives Relevant Recommendations 


Clickable In-Chat Products: With clickable product recommendations in the chat, we’re making the product discovery process frictionless. Shoppers can click on a suggested product, and are immediately taken to the product page. 

AI Stylist with Pricing

Simultaneous Product Viewing: There’s nothing more frustrating than toggling between tabs, trying to purchase a product. With simultaneous product viewing, shoppers see the chat in a smaller pop-up window, while still viewing and navigating through product pages.


Intuitive, Natural Interaction with AI: Traditional ChatGPT AI chatbots adhere to a strict script, leaving shoppers frustrated as they navigate through a series of repetitive questions. The YesPlz ChatGPT Fashion Stylist is designed to mimic a natural conversation, where shoppers can ask any question freely and always receive a personalized response.


Personalized Recommendations: There’s also the potential for saving conversations (with consent) for future reference to deliver even more personalized product recommendations. And, even without saved recommendations, the YesPlz Fashion Stylist can still provide personalized recommendations based on the context of the conversation.


YesPlz AI's top curated picks for ChatGPT Fashion Stylist


The Latest Outfit Inspiration, Taken From Popular Trends



Fashion is always evolving, and we built the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist knowing that the language of fashion changes with the trends. 


Whether a shopper is trying to channel a specific Tik-Tok trend or a Netflix character from a series, the AI stylist is ready to deliver the latest outfit inspiration. 


For example, what if a shopper wants to dress like the character Wednesday Adams?


It’s as simple as typing in the prompt, and letting the AI do the work.


For retailers, staying on top of trends doesn’t require any extra work. By integrating the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist with the website, retailers can also show off the latest trends and improve their shoppers’ experience.


Integration is easy & seamless for retailers


Retailers don’t need to lift a finger when integrating the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist with their website because we will do all of the heavy lifting for them.


By plugging into one API, retailers can access the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist (among other apps). With one integration, YesPlz can quickly and accurately tag retailers’ product catalogs using powerful AI product tagging, setting them up for the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist. 


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