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Jess Erdman, January 2023

When it comes to running a fashion eCommerce, an outstanding eCommerce search experience is key. 


With customizable eCommerce text search, you can provide customers with a seamless way to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. With the right fashion AI powered discovery tools, you can customize the experience to make it even better for shoppers. 


In short, a customized text search experience=a superior shopping experience. 


The goal of a customized eCommerce search experience should be:


1- relevant search results


2- accurate product matching


3- scalable for the retailer


Here’s how to create customized text search experiences:



Utilize AI Image Tagging for Accurate Ecommerce Search Results 


AI image tagging is a great way to ensure that customers are getting the most accurate search results. 


How does fashion tagging improve eCommerce search accuracy?


The answer is simple–by eliminating the need for manual tagging, thereby eliminating human errors and missing product tags.


With new incoming products everyday, product tags are often missing, because of unreliable third-party information, or missed by a human tagger. With AI image tagging, new products are automatically tagged in seconds, and then matched back to text search queries–resulting in higher accuracy text search results, and happier shoppers.



AI image tagging explanation with a burgundy camisole



Leverage Machine Learning to Analyze Past User Inputs 


In addition to AI image tagging, utilizing machine learning to analyze past user inputs can also help improve the eCommerce search experience. 


Machine learning algorithms can analyze previous search queries to identify patterns and trends. This can help retailers better understand what customers are looking for, allowing you them customize the search experience to provide more accurate results. 


However, every machine learning algorithm is different–so it’s vital to explore your options when choosing an eCommerce site search provider.


Keep Ecommerce Search Keywords Fresh and Updated 


Fresh, updated search keywords are important for providing accurate results and keeping shoppers satisfied.


While retailers may be used to regularly reviewing and manually updating keywords, there’s an easier way to customize the eCommerce search experience. Through fashion AI, we can extract trending keywords and suggestions, and automatically update them in text search. 






When shoppers see the most modern keyword suggestions, they’re delighted to engage further with eCommerce site search.


Customizing the eCommerce text search experience can be the key to improving customer satisfaction and boosting sales. 


By ensuring that their eCommerce search feature is easy to use, responsive, and tailored to the customer’s needs, retailers can provide customers with a more seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. 


Ultimately, customizing the eCommerce text search experience can be the key to achieving success in a competitive landscape.



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