Ecommerce Essentials 2023

The 4 Must-Have Ingredients for eCommerce That Converts

YesPlz.AI, September 2023

Today’s shoppers expect a seamless digital shopping experience. Retailers know this. Shoppers want it. So why is it so difficult? 


Today, we’re going over the 4 core ingredients that make up the essential foundation of eCommerce. These pillars are:


-automated product tagging,


-similar recommendations (YMAL), and 

-optimized product descriptions.


By mastering each of these areas, your eCommerce will be on the road to success.


Ecommerce Essential #1: Rich Product Tagging That’s The Backbone for Discovery


AI tagging is an ecommerce essential


Manual product tagging is tedious, expensive, and ineffective, leaving retailers without the rich product data needed to create sophisticated search and filters. 


But, what do you need in order to plug into search & discovery tools? Rich product data. 


The Solution: YesPlz AI-powered product tagging is trained to understand the nuanced attributes of fashion products, like silhouette, color, pattern, occasion, and more—that shoppers care about. This automates the tagging process to save time and money.


YesPlz AI tagging data is different from others. We tag the attributes that matter to shoppers after interviewing 100+ shoppers.


Learn more how our data is different: 


Behind the Scenes at YesPlz AI 


Key Features:

-Granular level of tagging data

-Key design or silhouette data, and details like color, pattern, details such as lace or cutout

-Vibe and occasion tagging data as well

-Supports all sizes of business

-Simple tagging API to automate the process

-Available for Shopify


How Retailers Benefit:

-Retailers now have the rich product data needed to power filters, search, and recommendations.

-Looking to quickly jumpstart your business? Stores that are just getting started on Shopify stores and fashion startups can boost their business with tagging data 

-Automated product tagging is faster and cheaper than manual tagging, saving retailers money, and positioning retailers to integrate advanced discovery.


Why Choose YesPlz Over Others: YesPlz's AI is trained to understand fashion, making it more comprehensive and richer than others. 


Ecommerce Essential #2: Intuitive Product Filtering That’s User-Friendly and Visual-First


Smart product filters are an ecommerce essential with an example


To put it simply, shoppers want smarter filtering that allows them to quickly and accurately narrow down the results.


But there’s a problem: retailers don’t have all the product tagging data to support the level of filtering experience shoppers want.


Without robust engineering resources, eCommerce can easily end up with clunky filtering options that confuse and frustrate shoppers. Overwhelmed by hard-to-decipher long text lists, shoppers bounce from the site unable to easily refine their search.


The Solution: YesPlz product filters are engaging, visual product filters that leverage AI to automatically tag and index items with relevant fashion filters, and ready for any retailer to use


Key Features:

-Mannequin Filter with editing tools

-Auto product tagging to enable filtering

-Other detailed options: color, pattern, details, occasion, or vibe

-Faceted & dynamic filtering

-Supports both mobile and desktop, with different design templates to choose from

-Category tree management


How do retailers benefit?

-Shoppers can intuitively search without needing to know fashion jargon.

-Retailers can offer a unique visual search experience ​​that offers a higher quality navigation and discovery experience

-Delighted shoppers can easily put together complex searches with multiple product attributes and detail


Why Choose YesPlz AI Product Filters:


When you plug into YesPlz AI product filters, you’re not only plugging into a powerful tool, but you get access to:

-An Interactive visual filter with clickable mannequin and design elements (the first-ever Virtual Mannequin Filter)

-A fully customizable interface and templates to match brand style

-AI that auto-indexes products with relevant attributes for filtering

-Key filtering options extracted with unique fashion AI



Ecommerce Essentials #3: Similar Product Recommendations That Always Get It Right


Ecommerce essentials for 2023 include similar recommendations


Shoppers with an intention want to easily discover more relevant products.


Many recommendation solutions take a one-size-fits all approach to fashion leaving retailers with recommendations that are too general or irrelevant. Retailers lack the option to customize similar recommendaitons, and since they can’t control the input, recommendations aren’t relevant for their business.


The Solution:

Customizable similar recommendation algorithms for each retailer, weighted based on insights from shopper research. Results are similar but different enough to inspire shoppers


Key Features:

-An API that can be placed in any point of a shopper's journey such as product detail page, check-out, or quick view

-A completely customizable algorithm per retailer


How do retailers benefit?

-Recommendations are similar but different enough to inspire shoppers to purchase and matches their intentions and tastes

-YesPlz AI generates sophisticated, unique recommendations, using our secret sauce: aggregated shopper insights from hundreds of interviews—making retailers stand out compared to competitors when delivering “magic” recommendations.



Why Choose YesPlz AI:


Our similar recommendation algorithms use unique weighting, determined by analyzing data and feedback from hundreds of shopper interviews, and customized for each retailer.


Ecommerce Essentials #4: Automated, Optimized Product Descriptions


Optimized SEO product descriptions are ecommerce essentials against a gradient background


Manually writing product descriptions is incredibly time-consuming for retailers. When written manually, product descriptions often lack key details for SEO optimization, leaving shoppers unable to discover products. 


The Solution: Automated product descriptions, auto-generated at scale using fashion-trained product tagging.


Key Features:

-Auto-generated product descriptions

-SEO-optimized product descriptions

-Different types/styles to choose from


How do retailers benefit?

-Create thousands of optimized product descriptions in just hours that are SEO optimized

-Retailers can easily integrate with any eCommerce CMS, making the process easy to upload and start using immediate—and seamless


Why Choose YesPlz AI: Product descriptions are sophisticated, scalable, and easy to create.


How do these 4 eCommerce essentials work together?


The key to powerful eCommerce discovery is bringing together four essential ingredients: smart filtering, rich product tagging, accurate similar recommendations, and optimized product descriptions. When implemented together, these elements create a mutually reinforcing positive effect, with each one enhancing the others.


For example, rich product tagging fuels better recommendations, filters, and search results. Retailers with these unified discovery capabilities can build an unrivaled data moat compared to competitors, and tap into a loyal base of returning shoppers.


But, there’s always a catch.


Typically, retailers need to integrate different apps and vendors, creating a headache and a huge barrier to creating seamless eCommerce essentials.


With YesPlz AI, retailers can plug into a shared eCommerce essentials ecosystem, and get started quickly and easily.


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