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YesPlz.AI, July 2023

With the advent of ChatGPT technology, the landscape for eCommerce product discovery is changing, but the core problem remains the same: how can retailers fix a fragmented search and recommendation system that leaves shoppers confused and frustrated?


While ChatGPT is a welcome addition to the eCommerce product discovery ecosystem, retailers must be wary of the limitations of the technology. ChatGPT is not a complete solution to the product discovery problem, but a tool that can be used to enhance existing product discovery solutions.


In this article, we’ll examine everything you need to know about eCommerce product discovery, including:


  • 2023 Retailer Challenges for eCommerce Product Discovery
  • What makes YesPlz AI stand out in eCommerce product discovery?
  • Fashion AI for Seamless eCommerce Product Discovery
  • What’s the problem with siloed eCommerce discovery?
  • How is ChatGPT for fashion changing eCommerce product discovery?


But first, let’s dive into the current challenges of discovery:


2023 Retailer Challenges for eCommerce Product Discovery


2023 Challenges for eCommerce discovery


eCommerce product discovery encompasses a number of different elements, from text search to filtering to recommendations, and personalization. The goal is to make sure shoppers can effortlessly find the products they love, without feeling overwhelmed or lost. When eCommerce product discovery is done right, it can help increase conversion and average order value.


However, despite the growing technology available to retailers, the current market for product discovery solutions is at best, fragmented, forcing retailers to piece together a solution from multiple tools from different vendors, often with a lack of customization and poor integration.

The current product discovery tools suffer from:


Lack of customization: A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for eCommerce retailers who have specific needs. But, customization is often expensive and resource-intensive, and many eCommerce retailers are unable to find customization that fits their needs.


Fragmented search and recommendation apps: Not all users have the same shopping journey, and some may need different types of search to engage with. A holistic approach to product discovery can help guide shoppers throughout their entire journey but is rare in a space where many vendors offer a slice of the solution, but in a way that’s not integrated with other discovery apps.


Complex integration: Choosing a product discovery tool is only the first step of a long process. Integration is often time-consuming and challenging for retailers that need to focus on other pressing tasks. And, because most tools have a distinct integration process, it’s unnecessarily burdensome and complex for most retailers to add discovery tools.


However, there is a more efficient and effective approach to eCommerce product discovery.


YesPlz’s holistic discovery ecosystem is easy-to-integrate, customizable, and comprehensive. After tagging a product catalog using YesPlz AI tagging, retailers have access to a wide range of discovery tools from the patent-pending Virtual Mannequin Filter to super-powered recommendations. 


What makes YesPlz AI stand out in eCommerce product discovery?


YesPlz AI stands out from others in the market by providing a holistic and innovative approach to discovery that not only solves the shortcomings of traditional discovery, but makes it easy for retailers to integrate.


Let's explore some of the key YesPlz AI discovery tools:


Deep Product Tagging:

YesPlz AI uses computer vision and  NLP for accurate product tagging in milliseconds. The AI-powered tagging process can identify product attributes in various image qualities. It doesn’t matter whether a product image has a human, or a busy background: YesPlz product tagging can easily identify product attributes in any circumstances. And, it’s further enhanced by the fact that YesPlz spoke to real shoppers to find out the product attributes they value the most, framing the conversation for tagging to focus on shopper needs.


Deep product tagging features against gradient background


Find out more information here:


Smart Fashion Filters:


Smart AI product filters against a gradient background


Fashion filters guide shoppers in narrowing down the sea of clothing options by attributes like size, color, silhouette, fit, or theme. YesPlz AI goes beyond a traditional filter by combining them with AI. Shoppers see on-trend and always-accurate filter options, which creates a personalized shopping experience. 


The Virtual Mannequin filter breaks away from traditional, boring text filters by offering shoppers a new way to search: by using a virtual mannequin. Shoppers select their preferences on a virtual mannequin and receive instant results from a retailer’s product catalog, eliminating any confusion about complex search terms. Visual cues keep shoppers engaged and ensure they always understand their filter options, even if they don’t have the words to describe them.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter by YesPlz AI as an example of AI eCommerce discovery


More on the Virtual Mannequin Filter:


AI Product Recommendations:

Product recommendations are the backbone of any eCommerce, keeping shoppers discovering throughout their buying journey.  


By leveraging AI technology, YesPlz AI offers a range of recommendation types, including Similar Recommendations, Frequently Bought Together (Collaborative Filtering), and Complete the Look. YesPlz recommendations are curated based on components like design, aesthetics, and shopper preferences.


AI recommendation examples against purple gradient background


Learn more about AI recommendations:


Enhanced Text Search:

We can’t talk about product discovery without talking about text search. Text search is often the enemy of eager shoppers, who are easily frustrated when they can’t find the words to match a retailer’s product catalog. 


YesPlz AI is solving this challenge by using AI to create an enhanced text search system that refreshes popular keywords, incorporates auto-complete with product preview images, and keeps shoppers engaged in what is often a one-way conversation.


Enhanced text search example using AI for W Concept


By combining deep product tagging with text search, YesPlz AI delivers more accurate search results that are tailored to retailer catalogs. 


YesPlz AI's core AI technology is trained by fashion experts and incorporates shopper input, so our product discovery ecosystem is updated with the latest trends and keywords. 


Curious to find out more about how to choose the best eCommerce product discovery?


Check out our recent article that compares the current tools on the market:


Fashion AI for Seamless eCommerce Product Discovery


To overcome the frustrations faced by shoppers and enhance the product discovery experience, retailers can use AI to optimize and improve every part of the discovery experience. Let’s explore how AI-driven solutions optimize two distinct user journeys, resulting in increased engagement time and higher basket values.


User Journey 1: Madeline, the Determined Fashionista


Madeline is a fashion-savvy shopper who knows precisely what she wants and values a quick and efficient discovery process.


AI can optimize Madeline’s journey by providing:


-AI text search with auto-complete, trending keywords, and faster response times that cater to Madeline's need for fast and accurate results.


-Detailed product pages, enriched with AI tagging, provide Madeline with comprehensive information about the attributes she cares about


-Fashion-forward product recommendations based on unique attributes and AI virtual closet curation deliver the personalized experiences that Madeline values


-Interactive features like a “discovery of taste” fashion quiz and the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist further enhance Madeline's discovery


-ChatGPT Fashion Stylist provides a personalized fashion stylist that offers fashion recommendations, based on the style and preferences of Madeline


Go more in-depth about each user’s discovery using AI here:


User Journey 2: Paul, the Price-Conscious, Open-Minded Explorer


Paul wants affordable products and is open to exploring various options within a specific product category (like jeans), but lacks in-depth fashion knowledge.


Fashion AI can optimize Paul’s eCommerce discovery journey by:


-Smart product filters simplify Paul's navigation process by providing accurate and easily understandable options.


-The Virtual Mannequin Filter eliminates the need for Paul to understand complex fashion vocabulary, so he can intuitively search


-ChatGPT Fashion Stylist provides Paul with personalized recommendations and can understand any type of fashion prompt. And, Paul can filter by price by asking the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist to stay within a specific price range. 


YesPlz AI has expertise in creating and integrating AI discovery tools for retailers to help them better optimize the eCommerce discovery journey for shoppers.


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What’s the problem with siloed eCommerce discovery?


Siloed eCommerce discovery consistently fails to deliver a satisfying shopping experience for shoppers. Inefficient search and repetitive discovery loops create high bounce rates and missed opportunities for retailers. To address these issues, retailers must adopt a holistic approach to eCommerce discovery.


A comprehensive solution to the challenges of eCommerce product discovery requires a holistic approach that integrates all product discovery apps and touchpoints. 


YesPlz’s holistic product discovery ecosystem allows shoppers to explore a retailer's entire product catalog effectively. AI-powered apps, such as smart fashion filters, enhanced site search, accurate product recommendations, and the world's first AI Stylist create different, unique touchpoints for shoppers to engage. Shoppers are empowered to search in ways that are intuitive and relevant to their personal needs. 


AI image tagging is the foundation for holistic eCommerce product discovery, opening up retailers to a new world of possibilities. 


Behind the scenes, YesPlz conducted user research to understand shopper needs and preferences. Personalization and the ability to search by silhouette, fit, and vibe are key factors that drive shopper satisfaction, according to our research. All of the YesPlz discovery apps tap into this research, creating discovery that is made to meet shopper needs.


With a single integration, retailers can access multiple discovery apps, eliminating the complexity of integration with multiple vendors. By embracing holistic eCommerce discovery powered by AI, retailers can transform the shopping experience without lifting a finger. 


Here’s why holistic eCommerce product discovery is the future:


How is ChatGPT for fashion changing eCommerce product discovery?


We can’t ignore the elephant in the room: ChatGPT is everywhere in 2023. From helping automate routine customer service tasks to improving eCommerce product discovery, every retailer is looking for a way to tap into the magic of ChatGPT.


With near-daily announcements of new ChatGPT integrations from retailers, it can be hard to keep up with or understand the difference. 


Let’s break down the conversation about eCommerce product discovery and ChatGPT:


There have been a few announcements in the past few weeks about retailers integrating ChatGPT with their eCommerce platforms to enhance the shopper experience. We love that more brands are getting creative with AI. And, the conversational style of ChatGPT makes it easy for shoppers to converse with ChatGPT-powered tools to find what they need.


What’s the difference between YesPlz’s GPT Fashion Stylist and others? 


ChatGPT Fashion Stylist by YesPlz AI showing how ChatGPT affects eCommerce product discovery


When compared to YesPlz’s GPT Fashion Stylist, we can see that other brands like Zalando’s Fashion Assistant are more of an enhanced search function that offer an interesting way for shoppers to search, versus a full personalization engine. Platforms like Myntra and Mercari are offering incremental improvements to their own, personal, on-site search, but aren’t focused on creating an end-to-end personalized experience.


At YesPlz, we built the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist to act as a virtual closet for shoppers, and integrated not only ChatGPT into the technology but our own, innovative fashion transformer. This means that shoppers can easily use the GPT Fashion Stylist to find specific products within a retailer catalog, and seamlessly move through retailer’s websites while using the GPT Fashion Stylist as an AI personal shopper.


Here’s an industry overview of ChatGPT for eCommerce discovery:


Discover how AI-optimized eCommerce product discovery can transform your fashion eCommerce.


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