Expert Question Series #1: Is ChatGPT for fashion all hype or here to stay?

Experts Weigh In

YesPlz.AI, April 2023

Join experts Agnes Kubiak (Trend & Design Expert) and Christina Stensvaag as they share their thoughts on ChatGPT's role in the fashion industry from both a design/trend and a product-centered perspetive. Each week, we'll be sharing a question from our webinar on "ChatGPT & Its Role in the Fashion Industry."


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Is ChatGPT for fashion all hype or here to stay?





Christina: We’re just seeing the acceleration of where the “puck” has already been going. It has been happening for years. We’re seeing the utility and application of it now. ChatGPT-4 with image, text, and context proliferation has felt like wildfire but it’s been here already.


It’s here to stay. You’re seeing one of many examples of the application of ChatGPT from “tell me a good dad joke” to bringing the right information to the right person who needs it, like applications in medicine. I think with any new technology there needs to be some regulatory oversight. These days when I go through an airport I use biometrics like Clear–so I think it’s a matter of time on the use cases, applicability, and safety protocols. There are always bad actors but there’s an art of possibility.


The technology has been here and now we’re only starting to use it the way that we use a pen.


Agnes: It’s also contextual–after living in China, I’ve seen that people are willing to accept technology much more. Versus France–maybe technology is too quick and we need to discuss. In France, we can be a little bit slow because they’re reluctant to give their information.


It felt like magic when ChatGPT came out in France, and there was genuine surprise because they were prepared–one could even say a “small revolution.”  In France, some believe that ChatGPT is the right direction but we need to discuss it. We also need to think about AI tools that we can actually use in the near future–and that’s the first level of technology.


I think ChatGPT is here and we can’t go back from it. Of course, it needs to be improved and there will be solutions to make it more accurate and more trustworthy. It’s just a question of time. We need to learn how to use it–essentially how to “drive the car.” 


Jiwon: I think we've only scratched the surface of what ChatGPT can do for fashion. As we have developed ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, we have discovered many powerful use cases, ranging from fashion styling to innovative search capabilities.

I have spoken with clients who manually provide personalized recommendations to each customer, and it has been proven that personalized and relevant recommendations are effective. With ChatGPT + fashion, we can now empower stylists in their work to be more effective and creative. 

Moreover, ChatGPT Fashion Stylist can also be used as a new way of searching for fashion items. Instead of relying on traditional keyword-based searches, ChatGPT can analyze a user's input and provide more accurate and relevant results based on their preferences, budget, and other factors.

With ChatGPT 4 and API, we can offer more speedy, multi-languages supported, and more visual experience. 

Overall, the potential use cases of ChatGPT in the fashion industry are vast and powerful. By empowering fashion stylists, we can revolutionize the way people shop for fashion and make personalized recommendations more accessible and efficient than ever before.


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