Expert Webinar on ChatGPT for Fashion

Part 1

YesPlz.AI, April 2023



The above video is Part 1 of YesPlz's Webinar on ChatGPT and the Future of Fashon


As the fashion industry moves towards digital transformation, ChatGPT represents the future of fashion in numerous ways. But, some may wonder, whether ChatGPT for fashion is all hype or here to stay?


To answer questions about ChatGPT for fashion, we asked an expert panel of industry insiders to share their thoughts.


Our panel includes:


Agnes Kubiak, Trend & Design Expert, (25+ years experience in Trends in Fashion and Textile)

Christina Stensvaag, Digital Commerce Expert, (15+ years of Digital Product Experience)

Jiwon Hong, CEO and founder of YesPlz AI


Read on for a summary of a fascinating discussion on the future of ChatGPT and the impact it will have on the fashion industry.


We’re at a turning point in the fashion industry–and tools like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize the industry forever.


The Impact of Generative AI on the Fashion Industry


Generative AI is a new technology that is taking the fashion industry in a new direction.


Chat GPT is one of the many AI models used to bring image, text, and context together, which has contributed to the proliferation of AI in the industry. Consumers' behavior and customer experience are essential factors in the fashion industry's product design and development.


A well-thought-out product in the fashion industry should have specific qualities such as: being easy to use, adaptive, and easily understood by the customer.


Agnes highlighted the advancement of AI technology in China, such as face recognition payment, which demonstrates the applicability and usefulness of AI technology. Recently, ChatGPT has appeared in France, which, according to Agnes, was surprising and intriguing for French people.


The Utility of ChatGPT in Everyday Life


ChatGPT is all about utility and its potential to change consumer behavior in real time. It can be applied in big and small ways, and anyone who is curious about it can be a powerful practitioner of the technology.


There is also the potential for using ChatGPT incorrectly–such as not taking into account the need to validate information before sharing.


However, for retailers, there is potential in using ChatGPT to heighten on-site search functions for massive catalogs at Walmart or Nordstrom.


The Use of AI Tools for Fashion Design


The potential for AI tools in fashion isn’t only limited to eCommerce. There are AI tools like Stable Diffusion, which designers use to generate images and designs. This eliminates starting a new collection from scratch and ensures designers do not miss anything they need to consider.


The process of traditionally designing new collections is demanding, time-consuming, and requires in-depth analysis. But, with AI-powred tools, designers can see immediate results in the form of pictures or text, making it that much easier to start from a blank canvas. 


What are the limitations of ChatGPT for Fashion?


There are plenty of examples of “tricking” ChatGPT into giving the wrong information–and as our experts pointed out, the more questions asked, the less coherent results users receive, which is one limitation.


However, getting accurate information from ChatGPT is also a question of knowing how to use it effectively to generate the right results. The key is to go in-depth with the tool, which can sometimes be challenging.


Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT for Customer Service


ChatGPT’s ability to translate information, seamlessly and accurately, from one language to another (and in real-time) can significantly improve customer experience. Technology can change consumer outcomes and behavior and create new possibilities in customer service.


ChatGPT could be a powerful tool for engaging with customers, providing accurate solutions to their problems, and improving customer satisfaction.


The potential of ChatGPT is vast and it can be a tool that helps workers in businesses explore the limits of what’s possible. However, judgment and good validation are critical to developing ChatGPT as a useful tool for customer service in fashion.


Reflections on the Revolution and Advancements in AI


This is a moment in time to relish, especially for older individuals who have witnessed the transformative nature of technology in their lifetime.


The advancement of AI, and in turn, the addition of ChatGPT to our everyday lives, is on par with an upcoming industrial revolution. However, there are benefits to AI–but users still need to learn to use AI responsibly.


Curious to learn more about the future of ChatGPT and fashion?


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