Fashion AI Discovery Report: The Latest News & Tools


Jess Erdman, August 2023

If you’re up-to-date on the latest fashion AI trends, you’ve heard talks about generative AI virtual-try on, and even bigger players like Snapchat jumping into the game.


Fashion eCommerce retailers are not only reading up on these trends, but actively looking for ways to leverage them to their advantage.


In particular, fashion AI discovery is on the rise, as brands look to create new ways for their customers to discover and shop their products, leaving behind tired and inaccurate discovery tools. 


As the momentum behind fashion AI discovery continues to grow, a seismic shift is underway – a departure from conventional discovery methods toward personalized, immersive shopper engagement.


Is your fashion eCommerce ready to capitalize on the latest fashion AI discovery trends, or will you be left behind?


In this article, we’ll explore the current trends in fashion AI discovery that have the power to transform retail.


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Virtual Fitting Room Magic: Solving eCommerce’s Try-On Problem


Ecommerce has a problem. While it’s hard enough for shoppers to find clothing in-store, different sizing between brands and diverse body shapes make online shopping a frustrating experience. 


Online shoppers, until recently, were left wondering what a product would look like on them, and wouldn’t know until they purchased. 

Shopper conversion fact for fashion tech with 3D construction icon

In fact, 97% of shoppers have abandoned purchases if they aren’t convenient enough.


The Solution:


With virtual fitting rooms, shoppers can digitally try-on products and see overlays as if they were in a fitting room, powered by augmented reality/computer vision.


The global virtual fitting room market size is expected to exceed 18 billion USD by 2030, showing the increasing need for this technology.


The Latest Updates on Virtual Fitting Rooms:


  • Google stepped into the virtual try-on game, using generative AI to create models in various sizes and from different backgrounds. US shoppers can access products from Everlane and Anthropologie to try out using the models.

    Google Virtual Try On GIF for fashion tech news

  • Farfetch is experimenting with virtual-try-on, noting that “people will engage with virtual try-on quite easily…and know how to play around intuitively.”

    Farfetch virtual try on demo with two cell phones


  • Luxury brand Temperley London is using “MySizeID,” a virtual clothes fitting app that measures bodies and provides size recommendations.


Finding New Applications for Generative AI Beyond Text

The overnight success of ChatGPT led to a stampede of in-house fashion brands trying to implement similar text-based AI tools in 2023. However, while ChatGPT makes for a strong supplement to customer service, it only scratches the surface of how fashion brands can truly harness the power of generative AI.


Many brands hurried to roll out ChatGPT-style tools to seem "cutting edge,” without fully exploring more creative long-term applications for generative AI that could transform the eCommerce space. 


The Solution:


Fashion brands are getting more creative with the use cases for generative AI that have a long-term impact on changing the Commerce space. 


For example, generative AI has the capability to enhance personalization, inspire designers, and improve customer experience in ways that go beyond a traditional chatbot.


The Latest Update on Generative AI for Fashion:


  • YesPlz's AI Stylist creates an end-to-end personalized shopping journey, learning customers' tastes and making tailored outfit recommendations.

    Generative AI for fashion news for YesPlz GPT Stylist


  • Snapchat's "Dreams" feature lets users generate images of themselves in any location or scenario.


  • Digital-first technology brands like The Fabricant are using AI to actually design and generate clothing and accessory concepts.

    An example of The Fabricant's fashion tech designs


  • Emerging tools like Khroma allow human fashion designers to tap into AI to boost their creativity.


The key is to thoughtfully implement generative AI in ways that solve problems and add value for brands and shoppers alike. The most innovative brands will think beyond the surface-level capabilities of ChatGPT, and harness AI's potential to fundamentally transform fashion eCommerce.


Is the metaverse dead? Look beyond the hype and see how digital experiences are growing.


The metaverse has been an unavoidable buzzword in fashion tech for the past few years. Although the literal metaverse may have become less popular after COVID lockdowns ended, there are a few valuable lessons for fashion brands to take away.


”Despite all the hype of digital avatars and virtual headsets, understand that the adoption of the metaverse will not be an all at once moment, but rather a gradual collection of digital experiences that improve the way we live and work.” -Harvard Business Review, 2023


The first lesson: The metaverse served as proof that shoppers are willing to engage in a digital space, if brands can figure out how to provide them with a compelling experience


However, as the pandemic ended, shoppers still valued digital experiences–but didn’t necessarily need to be fully immersed in a visual world.


The Solution:


Brands can create immersive digital experiences that focus on what shoppers love about the metaverse: 1) the ability to engage with products and brands in different spaces and 2) the novelty of engaging on a platform that isn’t a typical eCommerce website.


The Latest Updates on Building Digital Experiences:


  • Brands like MSCHF are building immersive, digital apps designed to notify shoppers about the latest viral product drops, featuring creative, thoughtful design to show off products.

    MSCHF's app scrolling against purple background


  • GPT AI Stylist is creating a virtual space for shoppers to discover retail product catalogs blending the excitement of exploration and curation with real, clickable products.


  • The YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter challenges traditional search filters by creating an intuitive experience that allows users to find custom product attributes by filtering on a virtual mannequin. 

    YesPlz virtual mannequin filter as a new fashion AI discovery tool



Wardrobe Whisperer: Using AI to Create Hyper-Personalized Experiences


Despite all of the latest and greatest technology developments in 2023, shopping still feels overwhelming and impersonal to the majority of shoppers. 


And, the growing number of products and brands to choose from is only leaving shoppers frozen with decision overload.


The Solution:


Create hyper-personalized experiences using fashion-trained AI to create memorable shopping experiences. 


The Latest Updates on Hyper-Personalization:



  • Luxury fashion retailer The Handsome used YesPlz’s Discovery of Taste to create a Tinder-style quiz to help shoppers discover their tastes while training AI to better understand shoppers.

    The Handsome's Discovery of Taste collaboration with YesPlz AI


  • GPT AI Stylist provides personalized outfit recommendations and style advice using advanced AI to understand shopper prompts and learn from behavior, integrating with retailer product catalogs.


The future success of fashion eCommerce is dependent on creating captivating, tailored digital experiences for each shopper.


Emerging AI and immersive technologies present an exciting chance for brands to revolutionize online shopping into a unique journey personalized to every customer. 


Virtual fitting rooms, innovative applications of generative AI, digital environments, and intelligent recommendation engines can transport shopping into a new dimension. 


Fashion retailers who creatively adopt these innovations, especially advanced AI-powered fashion discovery tools that enable more intuitive product exploration, will earn shopper loyalty and stand apart from competitors in a crowded industry.

by Jess Erdman Jess Erdman
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