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Jess Erdman, April 2022




The Oscars were an unforgettable event this year, for both the fashion and the drama. As always, the red carpet proved to be inspirational, with celebrities showing off the latest fashion trends for 2022.


On par with our Fashion Trends 2022 Predictions, we saw celebrities wearing sequins, glitter, and anything that sparkled to mark an end to the darker, more casual fashion during the pandemic. Playful silhouettes were on display, from cropped shirts paired with long skirts to flattering, elegant gowns that showed off the shoulders and arms. 


Fashion lovers everywhere searched for their favorite looks–but, unfortunately, fashion search can prove to be increasingly frustrating, especially when text-based. 


With the YesPlz Style Filter, fashion enthusiasts can quickly use visual search to find their favorite Oscars looks, including specific silhouettes, styles, and necklines.


Let’s find two outstanding Oscars looks, using the YesPlz Style Filter. 


Discover how the Style Filter can help your eCommerce 


Look #1: Zendaya



Look #2: Emma Chamberlain



In both outfits, the different styles are key–Zendaya is wearing a collared, button-down white shirt, and Emma Chamberlain is wearing a halter-style neckline. 


But wait–while some shoppers may use the word “button-down” there are other alternative ways to describe the shirt. A button-down could also be a “blouse” or “dress shirt”--but, do all button-down shirts include a collar? So, perhaps shoppers might search for “collared white shirt.”



As you can see, the thought process behind determining the correct search terminology is not only time-consuming, but frustrating for shoppers who just want to buy a shirt similar to Zendaya. 


By using the YesPlz Style Filter, users can select their preferred neckline, shirt type, length, and fit on a virtual mannequin–eliminating the need to think through complex fashion taxonomy. With visual cues next to each fashion attribute, shoppers always understand what they’re searching for, eliminating the need for repeated searches. 


Looking for a cropped top with long sleeves, inspired by Zendaya’s outfit? The Style Filter can help you find the perfect look:



The importance of fashion attributes in search


Shoppers use fashion attributes, such as style, fit, or neckline, to zero-in on the products they have in mind. In the case of a shopper searching for looks similar to the Oscars, those unique fashion attributes are what make each outfit unique. 


The Style Filter offers an accurate, quick way for shoppers to find their preferred fashion attributes without needing to know any knowledge about fashion terminology. 


In our own user interviews, we identified that silhouette and fit are the most important attributes when shoppers search for clothing–they want to be able to hide or flaunt certain body parts. 


Search should be easy to navigate and accurate, so that shoppers can not only select their favorite attributes, but see relevant search results. 


By using the Style Filter, shoppers can intuitively search for the styles they love, and always see accurate search results. 


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