How Brands Can Achieve Effortless Fashion Styling with AI

How to Get Great Styling Automatically with Fashion AI

YesPlz.AI, June 2024

Introduction to Complete the Look: Retailer Challenges


Complete the Look is a must-have for retailers looking to guide shoppers towards cohesive outfits, leading to enhanced product discovery and encouraging larger basket sizes. Complete the Look has the potential to delight shoppers, who are often searching for an entire outfit for an occasion, by providing them with entire outfits that they can view on a single screen. 

Complete the Look is more complex than traditional recommendations which may only show a single product. It requires an algorithm to not only select the relevant product type but to also suggest products that can complement each other in terms of style, theme, and occasion. 

Shoppers love Complete the Look because it saves them time and taps into their desire for full-outfit discovery. However, Complete the Look has significant challenges for retailers, which includes:

Poor Scalability: Because brands value staying true to their refined looks and personalities, they often curate looks manually. If the brand carries more than a thousand products, this suddenly becomes a daunting and unscalable task. Many brands only have Complete the Look available for some products, and not others.

High Costs: Human stylists are talented tastemakers, but it can be costly to have a human stylist curate every single product, including accessories. Fashion AI has the ability to style thousands of items at a fraction of the cost. 

Poor Fashion Tastes: Static recommendation engines have poor, even terrible fashion tastes. And that makes sense–static recommendation engines can quickly throw together a random recommendation, but lacks refined fashion taste because it wasn’t trained in fashion styles, fashion vocabulary, and style image recognition. With static recommendation engines, shoppers can receive a recommendation but not a full ensemble for a specific occasion they have in mind. 


So, what’s the solution?

Fashion AI that has been trained to understand styles just like humans can! An AI Stylist can create scalable, fashionable complete ensembles for any occasion at a low cost. Most importantly, an AI stylist can inspire styles, creating a unique, curated product discovery experience for the shopper.

How does AI styling work for fashion brands? 

AI styling is the next evolution of Complete the Look. A fashion-trained AI system can identify and style outfits from a single image or prompt. It can be trained to understand a brand or style of clothing, and has the ability to create styles that are authentic to a brand.

Here are the steps for AI styling:

1. Collect all the possible style rules for all possible occasions: Style is all about time, place, and occasion. YesPlz’s AI has collected thousands of style recipes for a wide spectrum of occasions, from any and all types of occasions like a stroll in the park to a fancy gala dinner to a first date.

2. Determine the proper TPO per a product: YesPlz AI recognizes fashion products from an image or text. After a quick diagnosis, YesPlz’s fashion-trained AI determines appropriate style rules to match the product.

3. Match the right products to the style rule: AI shines, browsing your catalog in-depth and finding the best matching product to the style rule, all in a second.

4. Final style check: The styling job is not done yet. The AI will have a final check to make sure the outfit has the right color balance or matches the vibe or occasion.

How does AI do that? YesPlz’s fashion AI has been trained to understand different fashion vibes and occasions (based on real shopper interviews). Now that we’ve trained our AI with millions of fashion data points, the AI has become fashion savvy.

5. Pro Tip: YesPlz AI is custom-trained with each brand and retailer’s style that reflects their specific brand, making the most relevant recommendations to the retailer’s shoppers. 

Real Examples of YesPlz’s AI Styling In Action:

Look #1: Formal Business Meeting

YesPlz’s AI curated a look for a formal business meeting based on a single product (an oversized blazer). The ankle boots and gray bag complement the overall style of the look (fashionable but formal). The cohesive look includes trendy silhouettes, a color palette that matches the blazer, and accessories that fit the overall occasion (business formal) while still being fashion-forward. 



Look #2: A Springtime Stroll in the Park

Using a single pair of white sneakers, YesPlz’s AI can effortlessly find clothing items that complement the style, color, and occasion of the shoes. The AI knows to pull together products that are athleisure based off the shoes and maintains a well-balanced color palette to create an exciting outfit. The bomber jumper fits the mood of spring athleisure and the jogger pants are a trendy silhouette that work with the casual sneakers. 



Look #3: Coquette in the City

For anyone not up-to-date on the latest 2024 styles, “coquette” is one of the trendiest styles of the year, combining romantic and hyper-feminine pieces that are often pink and pastel, and embellished with bows, lace, flowers, and hearts. YesPlz’s AI can seamlessly curate a trendy outfit using a retailer’s product catalog, combining a pink mini-dress with matching shoes and a bow accessory. This look requires perfect execution of style rules to create the aesthetic. 



Look #4: A Mediterranean Beach Vacation 

From a long, flowy white dress with a beach vibe, YesPlz’s AI selected trendy Grecian style sandals and a basket-weave bag to complement the look. The dress silhouette is perfectly complemented by the shape of the bag and style of the shoes, creating a cohesive look that any shopper can easily purchase altogether. 


Look #5: A Trendy Night-Out for Cocktails with Friends

Using a shimmer blue dress, YesPlz’s AI curated matching blue earrings and a suede heel whose material complements the satin dress. This look is perfect for an elevated night out with friends, and taps into key fashion styling rules: color palette, balancing the v-neck silhouette with a shoe silhouette that suits the look, and most importantly, understanding the elevated but stylish and fun occasion. 



AI Styling Is the Future of Fashion and Complete the Look

Today’s fashion AI is so advanced that it can recognize image, text, and style context, matching the perfect styles for any product. There’s no longer any need for humans to manually try to configure an infinite number of product combinations to try to create a Complete the Look that’s authentic to the brand style. Instead, AI can curate a fashion-forward, full outfit for any time, place, or occasion. 

For retailers, it could be the perfect time to leverage the latest fashion technology to inspire shoppers to picture entire outfits, enabling shoppers to express themselves better through retailer products.



Is an AI stylist better than a human stylist? 

No, we know that AI can’t beat a human stylist for their warm human connection, cultural interpretations, and care for their shoppers. However, AI can quickly scale the styling for thousands of products every day. We think the ideal collaboration is when AI can constantly select the best matching outfits, and human stylists can focus on monitoring AI styles, then coaching the AI to pick more elevated tastes for shoppers. 

How does AI stay relevant with the latest fashion trends?

As a B2B solution provider, our AI starts by understanding each retailer's fashion styles and collecting the latest relevant fashion trends. Additionally, feedback loops with end users allow the AI to stay current and provide customized recommendations for each retailer. We must constantly monitor and train our AI to capture any missing trends or styles. 

How does AI address the need for diversity and inclusivity in fashion choices?

For niche markets, our approach is customization. When we provide our AI Stylist to a retailer, we customize and fine-tune our base model to match each retailer's catalog. This ensures our recommendations are inclusive and relevant to each segment. We also have defined key style attributes based on interviews with over a hundred shoppers, gaining insights into how users shop and look for styles. Our AI Stylist is designed to reflect these insights, and we continuously add attributes that matter to the retailer's customers. This helps our AI model stay relevant and inclusive.

YesPlz’s POC is now available for Complete the Look/AI Styling. Try it out and see how our fashion AI can style your brand catalog for your shoppers. 

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