How Dynamic Filters Can Improve Your eCommerce Product Discovery

A Practical Guide

Jess Erdman, May 2023

Dynamic filters separate a good eCommerce product discovery experience from a bad one. With shopper expectations at an all-time high, dynamic filtering’s benefits are clear: increased conversions and more intuitive experiences.


But, creating dynamic filters can be a complex and laborious process.


With YesPlz AI filtering, both dynamic and faceted filtering is powered by AI, making it easier than ever to implement dynamic filtering without the complexity and cost of building your own.


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Here’s how dynamic filters can improve your eCommerce product discovery experience:


Filtering by color makes eCommerce product discovery seamless


YesPlz research shows that shoppers have specific preferences when it comes to the color of products. Whether they’re looking for a specific color or simply have strong preferences of what colors look best on them, the ability to dynamically filter by color empowers shoppers to find products that align with their personal style. 

Here’s an example of color filters that leave shoppers confused. For example, the difference between “navy” and “blue” may leave shoppers unable to find products.


Confusing color filters for product filtering


Now, let’s compare to YesPlz AI-tagged color filters:


YesPlz color chips and their effect on the eCommerce product discovery experience

YesPlz color filters are AI-tagged to reduce confusion and include color chips to make sure shoppers understand their filter options.


YesPlz’s AI is trained to understand complex colors by using computer vision to identify colors and shades. From just a product image, our AI can accurately extract colors that go beyond basic color names and shades.


Shoppers can select multiple colors at a time, effectively using Baymard’s eCommerce product discovery best practice. Baymard suggests that color filters use the “AND” rule (for example, show “blue” and “red” dresses). 


Allowing shoppers to select multiple colors helps them to find products that match their style, and they can continue filtering down based on other preferences.


Filtering by pattern helps prevent shopper dead-ends in eCommerce product discovery journey


Whether striped, animal, or floral, shoppers have their favorite patterns. Dynamic filtering for patterns is another way to improve the overall quality of eCommerce product discovery, by offering shoppers the ability to save valuable time and avoid scrolling products that aren’t relevant.


Dynamic pattern filters add an extra dimension of personalization to the shopping experience. 


Unfortunately, many eCommerce sites don’t offer dynamic filtering for patterns, leaving shoppers wanting more and unable to find their preferred products.


For example, we love these tie-dye and animal print dresses from Nasty Gal:


Nasty Gal animal pattern dresses


But, when we tried to search for pattern filters, we were left without any options:


Lack of pattern filters for Nasty Gal

However, we can easily filter for an animal print dress using YesPlz AI’s smart filters. 


First, we select the colors. 


Then, after selecting the “animal” pattern, colors that don’t have an animal pattern available are automatically grayed out.


YesPlz dynamic filters for patterns against a gradient background


YesPlz offers dynamic pattern filters including:


  • Pattern
  • Details
  • Animal print
  • Floral
  • Dots
  • Abstract
  • Striped
  • Checkered
  • Graphic


Faceted filters make filtering faster and more efficient for complex product catalogs


Faceted filters are a valuable tool for shoppers who already have specific product attributes in mind, and want to refine their search to match them. 


Shoppers can apply multiple filters at the same time to easily narrow down their searches and explore products that match their preferences.



Faceted filtering is a dynamic way to help shoppers to navigate complex product catalogs. It saves time and makes the eCommerce product discovery process more efficient, and feel more personalized, leading to more conversions. 


But, many eCommerce websites don’t offer faceted filtering, leaving shoppers without the tools to find the products they want.


Mobile-optimized dynamic filters keep shoppers engaged on smaller devices


With over 50% percent of traffic coming from mobile, no conversation about dynamic filtering is complete without considering how the filters are adapted to smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. 


For example, mobile dynamic filters may truncate earlier, or use a different icon than desktop filters, which are more visually appealing to online shoppers. 


Another important aspect of mobile dynamic filters is that they are able to return search results while the shopper is still on the filter page, instead of requiring shoppers to click away from filters to view results.


A poor mobile experience can be detrimental to conversion rates. For example, these mobile filters fall short because:


1. They require multiple clicks for the shopper to navigate between filter categories


Boohoo mobile filters against gradient background

In this example, shoppers select their filter, but then need to click back to see search results, making the shopping experience time-consuming and arduous. 


2. There aren’t any horizontal “breadcrumbs” to remind shoppers of the filters already applied, and to make it easy to undo each filter with a single click.


A Good Example of Mobile eCommerce Product Discovery:

A mobile-optimized eCommerce product discovery experience would include easy-to-remove horizontal filter buttons like the ones below:


YesPlz mobile filters for W Concept


When powered by AI, dynamic filters are a powerful tool to improve eCommerce product discovery. When filters are dynamic, shoppers can easily find matching products that meet their preferences based on specific criteria, making the overall experience more relevant and personalized.


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