How Single Integration Simplified W Concept’s eCommerce Discovery

Behind the Scenes

YesPlz.AI, January 2023

W Concept specializes in trendy and high-quality clothing from designers around the world. W Concept’s shopper base continues to grow, and fashion-lovers look to W Concept’s beautiful, rich catalog for the latest fashion finds. 


As W Concept continues to expand, so does its growing, diverse product catalog. Thousands of new products are added to its catalog every day.


As a result, W Concept enlisted third-party software to help manage each part of its operation, but still was left wanting to improve the eCommerce discovery process.


The End Goal: Multi-faceted eCommerce discovery that converts


Improving the eCommerce product discovery process would mean finding a way to:


Tag the thousands of new incoming daily products (as well as existing)

Create dynamic search filters that are UX-friendly

Integrate product recommendations

Make site search more accurate and up-to-date


Overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of them, W Concept began to explore third-party vendor solutions that promised they could build some of the above needs.


W Concept suffered from third-party vendor fatigue


After researching their options, W Concept learned that most options required adding 3+ discovery apps to achieve even half of the list above. 


With a website that was already running other third-party software, would multiple integrations slow down their performance? And, the logistics of installing multiple integrations were complex–between managing several business relationships and the high cost of paying separately to each vendor, W Concept felt stuck.


Why wasn’t there a solution that was multi-faceted, robust, and easy-to-integrate?


W Concept meets YesPlz all-in-one eCommerce discovery


After searching for a solution but coming up empty-handed, W Concept met YesPlz, an AI-powered, all-in-one eCommerce discovery solution. Powered by fashion artificial intelligence, YesPlz trained its technology to understand fashion eCommerce in particular.


And, with one single integration, W Concept could access: 


  • AI-powered image tagging
  • Smart, dynamic fashion filters
  • Enhanced eCommerce site search
  • Accurate product recommendations


As the only solution in the space that included all of the above and with a proven track record of client success, W Concept made the decision to use YesPlz all-in-one eCommerce product discovery.


Easily integrating YesPlz all-in-one eCommerce discovery


As promised, YesPlz delivered a single-integration system that gave W Concept access to a multitude of apps. 


How was YesPlz able to create an easy integration process?


The answer is simple: at the foundation of the eCommerce discovery suite is deep product tagging. 


By extracting product attributes using computer vision and NLP, we can effectively build out other discovery apps–and make those apps even more powerful.


After a single integration, W Concept gained access to:


1. Smart Fashion Filters with a Unique Virtual Mannequin Filter



W Concept product filter without AI

Smart product filter on W Concept's website


After plugging into YesPlz’s API, W Concept was able to acess three key discovery areas:
1) Dynamic, faceted filters that are completely customizable to shoppers.
2) The ability to filter by theme or mood, with automatically created thematic categories.
3) A virtual mannequin that keeps shoppers engaged during the journey as they filter by what they value: fit and silhouette

2. Enhanced Site Search



W Concept regular site search before smart AI


enriched eCommerce site search for fashion eCommerce


With fresh, popular keywords automatically updated, and top suggestions with autocomplete, W Concept transformed its text search to become dynamic, interactive, and modern. Shoppers also see search preview images, and can filter down their searches to find their exact preferences. 


3. Blended, accurate product recommendations



AI product recommendations for fashion brands


Plugging into YesPlz’s API also allowed W Concept to use YesPlz’s product recommendation system, a blend of similar and collaborative recommendations. Similar product recommendations find W Concept products that are similar in design, but different enough to inspire discovery by finding products with similar fit, silhouette, vibe, and occasion.


Collaborative filtering brings W Concept’s product recommendations to the next level, matching shoppers with similar interests. 


But, what about the ever-changing fashion trends?


Fashion, inevitably, changes. And W Concept wanted to make sure that once it integrated YesPlz’s all-in-one product discovery, the system wouldn’t become complicated once the next fashion trend took hold.


YesPlz’s AI automatically updates keywords, keeping track of the latest fashion trends no matter the season. 


Why Single Integration Is the Future of eCommerce Discovery


With only a single API, W Concept not only gained access to a multitude of discovery apps, but also increased conversions from shoppers who could easily find the products they wanted; engaged shoppers even more; and increased the average cart size by 1.7x. 


Ecomerce product discovery integration doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or limiting.


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