How-To Create Product Descriptions with Automatic Product Tagging and ChatGPT

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YesPlz.AI, March 2023


Rich product descriptions are the key piece to converting shoppers and creating engaging product discovery for your shoppers. But, the struggle to create descriptions that are rich, include the necessary product attributes, and convert shoppers is holding back eCommerce retailers from unlocking even more personalization. 


With YesPlz automatic product tagging and ChatGPT for Fashion, eCommerce retailers can combine the power of Natural Language Processing and advanced computer vision to generate captivating product descriptions. 


YesPlz automatic product tagging is built from a deep understanding of the product attributes that shoppers value, then trained using images and text–and finally, corrected by fashion experts. The result: automatic product tagging that is accurate, relevant, and knowledgeable in fashion. 


But, how does that lead to richer product descriptions? We’ll show you how, step-by-step:


Introducing YesPlz automatic product tagging x ChatGPT for Fashion: Product Descriptions


YesPlz automatic product tagging and ChatGPT for fashion is a powerful combination of AI that can generate robust product descriptions in seconds. By combining automatic product tagging with NLP, retailers can access top-quality product descriptions that include valuable product attributes like style, silhouette, and occasion/vibe. 


After plugging into automatic product tagging, retailers simply need to paste tagging information into ChatGPT with a prompt, and will receive product descriptions that are usable for their website in seconds. 


By using YesPlz-generated image tags, retailers are creating engaging, rich product descriptions that lead to more product discovery, and ultimately, more conversions.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Product Descriptions Using ChatGPT for Fashion

Step 1: YesPlz AI generates AI tagging information


Retailers plug into YesPlz’s API, and can begin automated product tagging, leaving behind the tedious task of manual tagging. When retailers plug into YesPlz’s AI tagging, they’re plugging into a system that creates rich product information in seconds.

Product attributes tagged include silhouette, color/pattern, material, and theme. 


YesPlz’s fashion-trained AI learns from retailers’ product catalogs, and from over a million pre-trained fashion data points, making tagging accurate and speedy.


Below is an example of YesPlz’s AI-generated tags:


YesPlz generated product tags for retailers using fashion AI



Step 2: A retailer simply runs an excel file to automatically generate product descriptions for your entire catalog.  


An excel file of AI product tagging for an eCommerce retailer


Retailers don’t need to be experts in fashion intelligence to create product descriptions from pre-tagged data. 


Step 3: Write the prompt to create the product description, including the pre-tagged product attributes. 


All retailers need to do is copy and paste the tagging data into ChatGPT, and include a simple prompt like, “Create a product description using these attributes.”


You can see that the results generated include all of the product attributes such as vibe, sleeve length, details, length, fit, and style–and are created almost instantly, versus spending hours manually writing descriptions. 


Retailer product tagging data shown in ChatGPT


You can even ask ChatGPT to create product descriptions in different styles that make sense for your website, like in bulletpoints, or ask to customize the description to better fit your brand style. 


A prompt request to ChatGPT to create bulletpoints for a product descriptions



The Final Product Description for a Sleeveless Maxi Dress:


Check out the final result–an easy to read, fun product description that includes all of the listed product attributes, such as vibe, dress type, and waist. 


An AI-generated product description for a white sleeveless maxi dress


Stop wasting resources on manual fashion tagging


With automatic product tagging and ChatGPT for fashion, retailers don’t need to waste precious resources focusing on creating product descriptions and tagging product attributes. AI-powered tagging, like YesPlz, is streamlining the way that eCommerce does business, making it easier than ever to create superior product discovery experiences at scale.


Stay tuned as we continue to update about the latest news in ChatGPT for fashion.



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