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YesPlz.AI, June 2023

ChatGPT Fashion Stylist Feature Updates


chatgpt fashion stylist for better product discovery


Discover the latest updates to GPT Fashion Stylist, as we continue to create the most modern, personalized experience for shoppers using fashion AI. 


We’re committed to innovating and bringing shoppers experiences that match the rapid development of technology.


GPT Fashion Stylist is a leading AI styling tool, that uses combined AI and machine learning to curate personalized product recommendations.


As we continue to set the standard higher for a seamless and personalized shopping experience, we’re excited to announce the latest updates to GPT Fashion Stylist:


Get personalized with your body shape and style choices:



Shoppers take a short, 4-question quiz to identify their body shape and style preferences, like patterns and vibes. Then, the quiz answers set the stage for personalized fashion recommendations, based on a user’s specific information. 


Shoppers can go back and edit their quiz answers at any time to further refine their recommendations. 


The quiz is designed to help shoppers get closer to the style they want, and the products that will make them feel their best.


YesPlz research shows that shoppers value recommendations that are tailored to their body shape and style. By offering a quiz to identify body shape and style, we can give shoppers a more tailored experience. 


Have an AI Stylist do your fashion search:




Our AI stylist does the heavy lifting for you, helping you find your perfect style and matching you with your perfect fit. We trained our AI to give accurate recommendations that answer any search prompt.


And the favorite part for shoppers? It’s a conversational shopping experience. The search flow is natural and easy. Shoppers don’t have to do all the work to discover their favorite styles. 


With integrated product images, styling suggestions, and easy-to-understand explanations, shoppers can quickly find the answers to all of their style questions.


And, answers are instantly generated for any style search. Shoppers can find new products from retailer product catalogs, improving discoverability of lesser-known products. 


Ask the AI another question, or click specifically personalized prompts to keep discovering new products:




Our AI generates relevant follow-up prompts predicting shoppers’ next questions, to keep the conversation flowing and keep shoppers engaged. Shoppers can choose from seeing more suggested prompts, or click on “popular prompts” to see the most popular search questions.


Of course, shoppers can always ask the AI another question themselves by typing in any prompt. 


We give shoppers different options to keep discovering new styles and keep the chat moving forward. 


Bookmark your favorite items!


Keep track of all of your favorite items in one place by bookmarking and saving favorite products for future reference. Click the heart icon to save any product, and stay organized.


Plus, favorited items can be used by our AI stylist to build personalized curations.



Get more personalized curations based on your style and favorites:



Based on the shopper’s style choice, favored items, and browsing history, GPT Fashion Stylist is constantly learning and predicting shoppers’ favorite style choices and generating personalized curations. That means we’re making personalized product recommendations from retailer product catalogs based on: body type, style, product attributes, and some of our secret sauce.


The end result? A personalized shopping experience that feels like a conversation with a trusted friend. Shoppers discover new products that are relevant to them, and get recommendations they actually want. All powered by fashion AI.


Enjoy your fashion discovery experience:




Our beta testers loved GPT Fashion Stylist because of its great discoverability and easy search experience


“I love being able to ask any questions and get product recommendations. Today’s search and recommendations are not optimized for my discoverability” - Moyo A. 


“Typically you have to do all the fashion research for different occasions or settings and there is no eCommerce website you can search that way, now AI does everything for me.” - Ruchira J.



Fashion discovery doesn’t need to be boring. Engage shoppers by giving them new ways to interact with retailers' products. 


Whether shoppers are looking for a dress for a beach vacation or styling ideas for a special occasion, our fashion AI stylist can provide inspiration and help them discover new products.



Looking for ChatGPT fashion stylist solution for your website? Our advanced deep tagging and NLP solutions ensure that your catalog is seamlessly integrated, leading to a another level of product discovery experience. With the input from hundreds of our beta testers, we have already refined the user experience, ready to delight your shoppers. 


Get ChatGPT stylist for your eCommerce today! 


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