Decoding Shopper Expectation: ChatGPT Fashion Insights

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YesPlz.AI, May 2023

Key summary: 


User interviews conducted by YesPlz provide valuable insights into shopper expectations from the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist. Depending on whether it is a standalone app versus an additional feature on a fashion website, shoppers have different expectations. The interviews also revealed positive feedback regarding features like viewing product images and making purchases. Additionally, shoppers expressed desire for an added feature that allows them to visualize how outfits would look on themselves.

ChatGPT fashion stylist with product recommendations



About the interview: 


YesPlz interviewed women between the ages 20s to 50s, mainly from the United States, to understand what they expect from the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist. The interviews focused on use cases and usability. This report provides an overview of the initial findings, while a comprehensive report, including the future of personalization that shoppers anticipate, will be published later.

Shoppers' Expectations for Standalone App:

Users anticipate the standalone app to function as a personal fashion stylist, taking into account their body shape, budget, and existing wardrobe to make creative suggestions. They also express a desire to explore fashion trends showcased by Instagram influencers.

Key expectations from the standalone app include:

  • Recommending outfits that suit the user's body type.
  • Providing guidance on how to dress to enhance personal appearance.
  • Offering suggestions within the user's budget and for specific occasions.
  • Taking into consideration clothing already owned by the user.
  • Providing options for completing a look with existing items or suggesting a completely new outfit.


Shoppers' Expectations for Additional Feature on Fashion Websites:

Users expect the additional feature to simplify the process of finding styles that meet their specific needs, which traditional search and filtering methods may fail to adequately answer.

  • Examples of questions users would like to ask the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist on fashion websites include:
  • Suggestions for outfits that compliment a specific body shape. 
  • Outfit recommendations for a vacation in specific places.
  • What does a certain type of clothes match with?
  • Options for completing a look with existing items or suggesting a completely new outfit.


User Preferences for ChatGPT Fashion Stylist:

Users appreciate the ability to view matching product images and make purchases directly, as compared to text-only recommendations without purchase links.

They value the freedom to ask questions in their own natural language, which is often lacking from traditional site searches.


AI Fashion Stylist to ask any styling questions


Shoppers' Wishlist:

Initial configuration of style preferences, such as preferred brands, price range, and size.

Further filtering options based on factors like color, size, and brand. The most requested feature from users is the ability to complete the look on themselves.

Although the specific desires vary among users, the common thread is the desire for an easy transformation that they can visualize. This feature presents an opportunity for further exploration, with a focus on defining use cases that truly delight shoppers.



The distinction between a standalone app and an additional feature on fashion websites may not be necessary, as we focus on understanding the needs and desires of modern shoppers in this new era of AI. With advancements in technology like NLP and computer vision, YesPlz has developed an AI that comprehends natural language and interprets product images. The long-awaited era of personalization in fashion  is on the horizon, and YesPlz ChatGPT Fashion Stylist serves as an exciting glimpse into the incredible possibilities we are about to witness.


Feature Updates✨

We have implemented enhancements to the fluid shopping journey and personalization, features including:

  • Fashion Quiz
  • personalized prompts
  • AI-curated recommendations.

Explore the latest features here: Get Styled with Fashion GPT



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