Introducing: The Virtual Mannequin Filter for Earrings

Freshly Launched

Jiwon Hong, June 2023

Freshly launched, the Virtual Mannequin Filter for earrings provides shoppers with another product category they can intuitively search for, and find perfectly tailored products to their needs.


We’re excited to add a new product category to the Virtual Mannequin Filter, to better help shoppers discover new products seamlessly.


While previously, the Virtual Mannequin Filter was available for clothing and shoes, we’re expanding our powerful computer vision technology to also include a popular category for online shopping: earrings.


A pair of small, black hoops?


Fun, abstract earrings?


Delicate diamonds?


With the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter, finding earrings has never been easier.


Shoppers use a virtual mannequin, or in the case of earrings, a mannequin of an ear, to click and filter their preferences to exactly what they’re looking for.


They can also select attributes from a drop-down menu of icons to guide the shopping experience.


We’ll walk you through the details:


Start with the mannequin filter, an intuitive, visual-first shopping filter:


The Virtual Mannequin Filter for earrings


Shoppers see a different mannequin depending on the product category. 


Select earring type. We selected “ring” to see hoops.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter for ring earrings


Then select size. We selected large.


Size filter for the virtual mannequin for earrings


Now, we can see large, hoop earrings–and it only took two clicks.


There’s also the option to filter by color. Let’s go with yellow.


Shoppers see a visually-enabled filter for colors, so there’s never any confusion about what a certain color means. They simply click to filter.


With one more click, we have large, yellow hoop earrings.


Color filter for virtual mannequin for earrings


What if we change the size to small?


Voila, small, yellow hoop earrings:

Size filter using fashion AI for virtual mannequin filter


But, wait. Let’s find a pair of abstract earrings to match a new, fun outfit.


Simply click on the “abstract” icon, and you’ll see abstract earring options.


Abstract earrings for the virtual mannequin filter using fashion for AI


What if we want to select multiple colors for abstract earrings? Let’s select purple and green colors, and see the options:


Multicolored abstract earrings filter with the Virtual Mannequin Filter


Now we have purple and green abstract earrings, ready to wear with any outfit.


Finally, let’s check out another earring option: dropdown earrings.


Dropdown earring styles with the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter


Let’s select white for color.


Check out the cute, dropdown earrings in white. There are a ton of options, and it was easy to filter.


Dropdown earrings with white color filter using fashion AI


Make Product Filtering Intuitive and Visual 



Long lists of text filters isn't effective in helping shoppers find precisely what they’re searching for.


Because of the constantly changing fashion landscape, terminologies evolve, and it can be challenging to keep up with the unique language used by each retailer for their products. In fact, complex fashion terminology causes more confusion among shoppers.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter allows shoppers to filter products without needing to understand complicated fashion terms. By incorporating visual cues and icons, shopping becomes an enjoyable and intuitive experience. 


Since shopping is inherently visual, shoppers benefit from having visual cues to guide them throughout the process.


If you’re looking to keep your shoppers engaged during the product discovery journey, the Virtual Mannequin Filter is a great way to keep their attention, and keep shoppers discovering new products.


 Learn more about the Virtual Mannequin Filter

by Jiwon Hong Jiwon Hong
CEO & Co-founder at YesPlz

A recommendation engine is my favorite topic and I can talk about it all day long.

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