Introducing the World’s First Virtual Mannequin Filter with AI for eCommerce

Elevate Your Fashion eCommerce Experience with AI Powered Filter

Jess Erdman, August 2023



Hate v-necks, but love square necklines? Love to show off your shoulders, but hate crop tops? 


Every shopper has unique product preferences, but navigating traditional search and discovery is burdensome and confusing. YesPlz AI for eCommerce is changing the way we shop online, for the better. 


In this article, we’ll break down:


-The problem with traditional fashion search

-What is the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter?

-Virtual Mannequin Filter Details

-How the Virtual Mannequin Filter Helped 3 Sophisticated Retailers


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The problem with traditional fashion search:


Traditional fashion search and discovery is broken.


From messy product filters to inaccurate search results, there’s a gap in shopper expectations and search reality. 


Long, text-based lists are daunting to shoppers who are forced to navigate a maze of options to find their perfect fit.


Shoppers struggle to find the “magic” keyword combination to type into search for their preferred product attributes. 


Traditional search and discovery relies on shoppers’ knowledge of an ever-changing landscape of fashion terminology, leading them to dead-ends and stuck in repetitive search loops.


Most of all, text-based search is antithetical to the shopping experience–shopping is a visual, visceral experience, but eCommerce shoppers are currently forced to translate an image of a product into text. 


Uninspired traditional search filters not only hurt shoppers, but retailers as well, as they prevent shoppers from seeing the full depth of a product catalog, and ultimately, are a barrier to conversion.


But what if there was a better way?


Introducing the World’s First Virtual Mannequin Filter with AI for eCommerce


Virtual Mannequin Filter against a pink gradient background


The Virtual Mannequin Filter, powered by eCommerce AI, is an entirely new discovery and filtering experience that empowers shoppers to take charge of filtering. 


Shoppers simply click on a virtual mannequin filter, and select the body part or product attribute they want to change. AI retrieves the results immediately. Shoppers can select multiple filters at once, building their ideal product based on their needs.


Intuitive visual cues with the virtual mannequin filter


The best part? It’s so intuitive that there’s no learning curve, so shoppers can immediately get started on their search.


What is the Virtual Mannequin Filter, powered by AI for eCommerce?


An example of an eCommerce search with virtual mannequin filter


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is one-of-a-kind–it’s the first and only filter of its kind available on the market. 


Designed with the shopper in-mind, it combines visual cues with product attribute filtering for shoppers to get as granular as they want with their search.


Shoppers mix and match design, silhouette, and fit attributes to create explore different combinations of products.


An intuitive, seamless filtering experience, powered by eCommerce AI.


YesPlz research shows that shoppers with intentions want to quickly filter to find their preferred attributes therefore adding more items to the shopping cart.


In just a click, shoppers can filter product attributes that would take minutes to find with regular text filters. 


Behind the scenes, the Virtual Mannequin Filter is linked to a retailer’s product catalog, so shoppers see immediate search results.


Shopper-Centric Filters Thanks to Ecommerce AI


At YesPlz, we recognized that shoppers value fit and silhouette. A shopper looking to flaunt or hide a body part has very specific needs, so we designed the Virtual Mannequin Filter to tap into the shopper mindset that we discovered during research.



Rather than relying solely on fashion terminology, our filters use visual cues to guide shoppers, so there’s never any confusion about what a specific filter means.


We tag items by occasion and vibe, since many shoppers start their fashion search with a particular occasion like “work” in-mind. 


Our goal is to level the playing field by creating an eCommerce AI filtering experience that anyone can use, no matter what their fashion knowledge is. 


Increased Product Discoverability for Retailers


For retailers, more intuitive filters lead to increased product discoverability. Shoppers often get stuck in repetitive loops when searching due to limited vocabulary–they simply aren’t discovering products that may have similar names. 


Shoppers aren't seeing the full depth of a catalog, leading to lost sales and repeated results. The Virtual Mannequin Filter breaks the loop and showcases more unique items tailored to each shopper's preferences, creating a curated shopping experience. 


The Ecommerce AI Technology Behind the Virtual Mannequin Filter


YesPlz image tagging process


The Virtual Mannequin Filter runs on powerful eCommerce AI that can automatically tag 20-60 product attributes in seconds. 


This allows us to tag an entire product catalog in-depth,, capturing key details from design to silhouette and fit. It bypasses inefficient manual tagging, ensuring streamlined and accurate tags so the right products are matched to each filter.


Specifically, we utilize AI models trained on millions of fashion data points, resulting in a nuanced understanding of styles and even vibes.


The end result is the world’s first Virtual Mannequin Filter that accounts for different designs, silhouettes.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter versus a Text Filter:



When compared to long lists of text filters, a visually-based filter is more appealing to shoppers who want to quickly filter, and don’t want to continuously search for text terminology. We designed the Virtual Mannequin Filter with the user experience in mind, understanding that shopping is a visual activity–so visual cues make filtering intuitive.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter provides an at-a-glance view of available styles and fit options. The visual approach minimizes confusion and speeds up the search process, and creates an experience that aligns with how shoppers actually shop.

How the Virtual Mannequin Filter Helped 3 Sophisticated Retailers Transform Their Product Discovery


A list of 3 benefits of virtual mannequin filter powered by eCommerce AI


When 3 sophisticated retailers (W Concept, The Handsome, and Lately) came to YesPlz, they had multiple challenges, from lack of engineering resources to shoppers stuck in repetitive discovery loops.


The most common challenge? They had robust product catalogs, but shoppers were struggling to discover new products, and limited engineering resources made it hard to create new discovery. 


Despite being some of the most popular retailers, their current search was outdated and not meeting shopper needs.


Enter the Virtual Mannequin Filter.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter empowered shoppers from W Concept, The Handsome, and Lately to find the silhouettes and product attributes they loved, and didn’t need to navigate difficult search filters. 


Now, shoppers can filter by silhouette, vibe, and design–and all 3 retailers are enjoying the results: increased cart sizes, higher engagement rates, and more conversions. 


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is an easy way to transform retailers’ search and discovery without needing to build internally.


Easy integration for retailers


The Virtual Mannequin Filter integrates seamlessly with any retailer website. As a simple plug-in, retailers can choose to place the filter wherever they think is best on their website. 


It also includes a dashboard for retailers, who can edit and customize fitlering options for their unique needs. 


And, it even can be a complement to regular text search–W Concept, for example, integrated the Virtual Mannequin Filter as a secondary filter for text search, as well as a standalone product category filter.


1.7x Increased Cart Size with the Virtual Mannequin Filter: The Results Speak for Themselves


Both retailers and shoppers win when they use the Virtual Mannequin Filter. With 1.7x increased cart sizes, and higher engagement times, shoppers get a better, more enjoyable shopping experience. 


Are you ready to empower shoppers to seamlessly filter and search?


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