Kolon Mall case study


YesPlz.AI, July 2020

The Challenges


Kolon Mall’s most pressing challenge was making the right recommendations to the right customers. Customers get irrelevant recommendations that don't match the product category and the key style attributes to the selected product.

With new SKUs added daily, Kolon Mall was unable to supply rich product descriptions in a timely manner for its ever-growing inventory of SKUs and to find the proper words to describe their unique designs in the way customers would understand or search for.

Another challenge was biased brand preferences, with visitors tending to search for familiar brands and remaining unaware of the many other selections available to them.


The Solutions

YesPlz AI recognizes the key attributes that matter most to a customer from the selected product then quickly finds the matching recommendation. Customers discover their preferred style even though they may not be familiar with the brand. Also, regardless of how few the number of customers that have viewed the product, YesPlz provides the most relevant style recommendations for that product category.

YesPlz AI is quickly and easily customized to the business’s needs. The AI analyzes and is trained with the unique style attributes from Kolon’s private and indie fashion brands.

This micro-level of customization was rapidly achieved at no extra cost to Kolon Mall.



  • 15% Generated additional sales
  • 14% Immediate conversion spike at checkout
  • Cold start problem solved
  • Previously unsold items generating sales
  • Increase in average Cart Values

Two weeks after integrating the YesPlz recommendation engine, Kolon Mall’s sales have risen by 15%. The conversion rate at checkout has gone up to 13.5%.

Most important for Kolon Mall, older listed items are now getting noticed –– and sold –– because of YesPlz’s ability to match the key attributes that matter most to Kolon Mall’s customers. The YesPlz recommendation engine also solved Kolon Mall’s cold start problem by enhancing collaborative filtering recommendations.

Customers are now making purchases based on style more than price, resulting in increased average Cart Values 10% higher.


The Company

Kolon Mall is one of the top 3 fashion powerhouse websites in Korea. They have a growing online presence with millions of daily product searches. They carry dozens of their own brands and sell licensed/well-known brands as well.


We’re impressed by how YesPlz engine works for our business. It really captures the essence of styles and brings highly relevant recommendations. We’ve immediately experienced a higher conversion rate with a significant increase in page views. Most of all, we like how the YesPlz team is there to make sure the integration is easy and how they’re able to customize the solution quickly for our business needs.

Gyyoung Kim

Gyyoung Kim

Chief Growth Officer at Kolon Industries FnC organization





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