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Jess Erdman, September 2021


The Met Gala was back after a hiatus, and the world tuned in to see how celebrities interpreted the “In America” theme (the answer: with a lot of European designers). Although most of us are unlikely to step foot on the Met Gala red carpet anytime soon, part of the fun of the Met Gala is the fashion inspiration. 


Whether your customers are knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends, or simply want style inspiration, it’s difficult to search for the styles we all saw last week. 


Imagine your customer sitting down to describe some of the outrageous outfits at the Met Gala, like Kim Kardashian’s body suit. It’s difficult for customers to find searchable keywords when it comes to Met Gala styles, especially if the customer is interested in some specific style elements (such as a scoop-neck) but wants a particular fit in the waist. 


By using personalized search tools such as the YesPlz Style Filter, customers can filter the exact style elements they want, without having to find the correct text-based keywords.


Below, we’ll demonstrate how the YesPlz Style Filter can change the search conversation from a static-text based search full of dead ends to a dynamic, personalized search. 


We’ll take a look at the top fashion attributes in Met Gala 2021 outfits, and find similar attributes using the Style Filter.

Let’s dive in!

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Met Gala Style #1: The Blue Strapless Dress

Color: Blue

Top: Off-the-shoulder

Waist: Fitted

Length: Long



By filtering for waist, sleeve type, color, and length, our artificial intelligence was able to pull relevant search results. And while the exact dress wasn’t available, our AI recognized similar styles that a customer may be interested in.e 


Results from the Style Filter:




Met Gala Style #2: The Red Pantsuit

Color: Red

Style: Loose

Leg: Wide



Right on style with the current trend of wide-legged pants, this red pantsuit is a power statement. We used the YesPlz Style Filter to find red slacks that were flattering, with the same cut. 


Results from the Style Filter:





Met Gala Style #3: The Collared Dress

Color: Blue

Neck: Collared

Length: Long



Even when the AI can’t find an exact match for the search parameters (because let’s be honest--some of these searches are extremely specific), the Style Filter can still recognize the key fashion attributes that a customer selects.

Results from the Style Filter:




In this example, while the exact shade of blue wasn’t available, the Style Filter was able to filter a fitted waist and collared neck to show different options that are similar, such as a jumpsuit. 


Our research has shown that customers are more concerned about fit than any other component of their wardrobe--so it’s vital that our search can always show accurate fit results.


Met Gala Style #4: The wide-legged jean

Color: Blue

Fit: Wide

Type: Destroyed



Jeans are difficult to shop for online. Everyone has that one perfect pair of jeans, with specific fashion attributes that they love. But, it's somehow impossible to find the right fit and type of jeans online. The YesPlz Style Filter is able to account for the most important attributes of jeans--leg type, fit, waistline.



The Met Gala 2021 was full of surprises, and of course, some outfits that were impossible to emulate (like Kim Kardashian's all-black ensemble). But, with the YesPlz Style Filter we were able to find the most important fashion attributes and build Met Gala-inspired outfits.



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