Search Personalization: The "It" Factor for Fashion Visual Search

How to Engage Shoppers

YesPlz.AI, October 2022

(The above video is an excerpt from YesPlz's digital transformation in eCommerce podcast)


In our most recent podcast series, we sat down with Digital Commerce Consultant Christina Stensvaag (Former VP of Product Management at ShopStyle & Sephora, former Head of Digital Product Management at American Eagle), and Jiwon Hong, CEO of YesPlz AI, to bring you a series about digital transformation in eCommerce in 2022. In our first of four series, we’ll give you a brief introduction to digital transformation in eCommerce–and analyze its relationship to search personalization, as well as fashion visual search.


When a customer comes across the perfect product recommendation, or a well-curated collection of products, it feels like magic. In some ways, it is magic: the right product, for the right customer, at the right time. It seems impossible to get right, whether in-store or using technology.


There are factors to consider that go beyond rational comprehension–customer taste, style, occasion, silhouette preferences. Every shopper comes to an eCommerce with a set of pre-requisites that she is trying to fulfill–but the question is, to what extent can we understand not only the pre-requisites, but how the entire shopping journey comes together?


In this article, we’ll explain how eCommerce brands can effectively use search personalization to engage shoppers.

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Search personalization is the proven “it” factor for digital transformation in eCommerce


We’re starting off by discussing search personalization as a form of digital transformation in eCommerce because it’s core to the shopper experience. Customers need to see the products they want when visiting a fashion eCommerce.


And, there is a “magic’ behind search personalization, when customers feel understood


When eCommerce search personalization is done well, it can help customers overcome the fatigue and frustration that come with browsing hundreds of products. It can even spark joy and engage shoppers, leading a a unique bond between the brand and the customer. 


A text that states search personalization is the core of digital transformation in eCommerce


But–when eCommerce search personalization is done wrong, it can evoke strong feelings: annoyance and frustration.


One of the most difficult parts is avoiding the echo chamber of styles and recommendations, which can feel inorganic and unpersonalized.


A spiral with text "not to get caught in echo chambers of recommendations" underneath


For example, when a shopper purchases a pair of Chelsea boots, she likely does not want to see more Chelsea boots–and instead, needs to see products to style the Chelsea boots with.



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3 Fresh Ideas to Engage Shoppers in Digital Transformation for eCommerce


The problem with digital transformation for eCommerce is what makes one brand successful, doesn’t necessarily translate to another type of business. So, at the core of implementing digital transformation for fashion, your eCommerce needs to reflect on its strengths, weaknesses, and customer behavior/analytics.


Nonetheless, here are 3 fresh ideas for eCommerce brands to get started in thinking about search personalization:



1. Utilize technology to find new ways to personalize:


YesPlz tip to use technology for personalization in digital transformation


As shoppers continue to value finding their specific silhouette preferences or clothing that fits their body shape, there is fashion AI technology available to help shoppers along their journey.


For example, YesPlz AI offers the Style Filter, a virtual mannequin that guides shoppers in personalizing their eCommerce search by their favorite product attributes, including silhouette.

2. Consider search personalization as a tool for increasing sustainability


YesPlz tip 2 for digital transformation in eCommerce


Search personalization for digital transformation in eCommerce can also look like creating a sustainability plan–for example, with fashion tagging, eCommerce retailers can keep track of important metadata on how a garment was constructed, the material used, and measurement information, creating new opportunities for eCommerce to participate in sustainability.


3. Create baskets of curated products


YesPlz Tip 3 to create baskets of curated products for shoppers


Shoppers love curation, plain and simple. Despite all of the information available, shoppers tend to take reviewers seriously–which means its all the more important to curate products based on shopper tastes.


AI-powered product recommendations offer a seamless way to offer advance curation based on preferences that feels organic.


These 3 ideas can help your brand get started in its journey towards using search personalization. The "magic" behind personalization is a mix of analytics and fashion artificial intelligence. By embracing new technologies as a way to better personalize, your eCommerce is setting itself up for future success. 


Stay tuned as we continue to explore other topics in digital transformation for eCommerce, including the 5 secrets to successful transformation and a look into the future ahead.


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