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YesPlz.AI, April 2023

As a fashion AI startup, YesPlz was recently selected to pitch on StartupGrind’s mainstage, an annual gathering for startups building the “next big thing.” YesPlz was selected as one of the top 40 startups out of 1500+ worldwide applications! 


Here’s the inside scoop on what happened:



YesPlz AI CEO Jiwon Hong pitching at Startup Grind 2023
YesPlz AI CEO Jiwon Hong, pitching at StartupGrind 2023




72% of online shoppers fail to find what they’re searching for


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Have you ever tried to find a pair of white jeans with your preferred fit online? A seemingly easy task is turned into hours of searching, filtering, and deciphering the latest language in fashion.


A pair of “white wide-leg jeans” might be found under “loose-fit” jeans. Or, maybe the color is technically “cream,” leaving you in the dark when you type in “white” as your preferred color. 


White pants by Kolon Mall


Text-based search is failing shoppers, and without accurately tagged product catalogs, shoppers are left to figure it out on their own, leading to missed conversions and low shopper satisfaction.


Why AI Product Discovery Is Changing Everything


We know that the current system of product discovery is broken, but how can we fix it? 


The answer is by using technology to improve the product discovery experience.


Specifically, as a fashion AI startup, YesPlz is innovating by:


1) Using computer vision to identify product attributes in complex catalogs in seconds, and use those attributes to create robust filters that are accurate and relevant

2) Creating an intuitive shopping experience through AI

3) Eliminating the need for shoppers to guess which search keywords will bring up the results they want


How the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter and ChatGPT AI Stylist Are Solving the Problem


The YesPlz Mannequin Filter and GPT Fashion Stylist are getting to the heart of the problem with an AI-powered solution that shoppers love that’s UX-friendly and saves retailers time and money.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is a one-of-a-kind fashion filter that allows shoppers to filter by silhouette, fit, and other product attributes on a virtual mannequin. By simply clicking on the body part they want to change, shoppers can instantly filter their search results to only include the product attributes they want. We’re happy to see our clients have increased their average cart size by 1.7x higher with our Virtual Mannequin Filter. 


An example of AI product discovery, the virtual mannequin filter against a gradient background


ChatGPT AI Stylist is a unique AI fashion stylist that uses combined AI technology to provide personalized styling recommendations for any outfit. Shoppers can ask styling questions framed in any way they’d like, such as 'What should I wear for my friend's birthday party?” They then receive integrated product recommendations that are visually appealing and styling tips, linked to a retailer’s product catalog. 


AI fashion stylist powered by ChatGPT

AI fashion stylist powered by ChatGPT



The AI Technology Behind the Products


Our product solution is based on image tagging, fashion transformer, and intuitive UI.


Fashion image tagging: Behind the scenes, powerful computer vision and NLP technology help to create tags for retailer catalogs. Product tags include difficult-to-tag areas like occasion and vibe–but fashion-trained AI can easily recognize those attributes in images, leading to flawless search results, even when shoppers get the terminology wrong or products have imprecise information provided by third-party vendors. 


Fashion Sentence Transformer: Proprietary to YesPlz AI, we built a fashion transformer that understands OpenAI’s recommendations particularly well in fashion languages. Then, it finds the best matching results based on image tagging.


Thanks to the fashion transformer, we can process the matching process from recommendations for thousands of products in just one second. OpenAI and YesPlz AI talk to each other to find the most relevant product recommendations from a retailer’s catalog. 


Intuitive UI: Shoppers can easily navigate through their preferred product filters by either clicking on the product itself or the style icons which provide visual cues to continue the shopping journey. With the ChatGPT AI Stylist, shoppers ask questions within an intuitive chat, with prompts to spark the conversation. 


The End Result for Retailers: Increased Sales and Cart Sizes


We’ve seen retailers increase their average cart size by 1.7x and have a 15% boost in sales after using YesPlz AI-powered discovery.


By combining the power of technology with UX-insights from our own interviews, we’ve created a AI product discovery system that’s intuitive, fast, and accurate.


And, the entire AI product discovery solution is streamlined for your website so that you don’t have to work with 3-4 different vendors any longer. 


Are you curious to hear more details?


Check out our recent case study of 3 major retailers who implemented AI product discovery.

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