Stylist Face-Off: ChatGPT for eCommerce vs YesPlz

By YesPlz AI

Jess Erdman, October 2023

ChatGPT for eCommerce has emerged as a fun tool for influencers to test its style chops. But, how does it hold up against YesPlz AI Stylist?


In our latest stylist face-off, we’re comparing two top tools: ChatGPT for eCommerce versus YesPlz AI Stylist.


Which one is the best for retailers looking to create a personalized experience for their shoppers?


Read on to find out.


The Prompt:


I need an outfit for a casual first date. Any suggestions? Also it’s fall, so it’ll be cold. I’m a woman.


We asked the same exact prompt to both ChatGPT and YesPlz AI, to see how they each performed. We chose a complex prompt based on what we’ve observed: shoppers tend to ask prompts that are a) situational and b) include specific circumstances, such as weather or an event.


Let’s see how both tools compare.


Is ChatGPT’s response good enough for eCommerce retailers?


Asking ChatGPT for eCommerce for fall styles


How was the UX/UI?


-Overall, ChatGPT for eCommerce responded with a long list of text, which is overwhelming for users to read and understand 


-Because ChatGPT is limited to text responses, there were no integrated products linked, making the purchase process difficult


-The text-based interface also wasn’t compatible with the visual nature of shopping. We found it challenging to visualize the outfits suggested because of the lack of visual cues.


Were the answers fashion oriented?


-We found the answers to be vague, including points like: ”finish look with ankle boots or sneakers”


-We wish there were more details about what kind of boots, for example, or the color of the boots.


Was the response personalized? 


-Unfortunately, the responses from ChatGPT for eCommerce weren’t personalized based on previous interactions and preferences, making them more general


-In addition, it wasn’t possible to save or interact with suggested products, or view further recommendations


How did YesPlz’s AI Stylist compare to ChatGPT for eCommerce?

We asked the same prompt to YesPlz’s AI Stylist to see the results.


YesPlz AI Stylist responds to fall style questions


How was the UX/UI?


-With an easily clickable carousel to switch between Styles 1, 2, or 3, YesPlz’s UX made it seamless for users to explore different products, outfits, and styles.


-With integrated products and images, users can imagine how outfits look together. We asked shoppers what the expected from an AI Stylist and they noted: They found it easier to shop when viewing matching product images and make purchases directly, as compared to text-only recommendations without purchase links.


-There was also an option to change the view to sort by product category, for shoppers looking to see all of the same products together.


-YesPlz’s AI stylist also has an Interactive design: users can click to refresh a complete outfit or product, as well as; like or dislike a specific product. Users stay engaged and participating in the discovery journey.


Were the results fashion-oriented?


-The styles suggested by YesPlz AI Stylist felt attuned to current trends, with an accurate understanding of the vibe (casual date). YesPlz AI can understand complex prompts like vibe because of advanced fashion AI that uses computer vision to identify attributes like style, design and vibe.


-Outfit ideas were accurate for the fall weather as well, suggesting high boots with a dress.


-Another added bonus: the YesPlz AI Stylist can get specific with styling ideas, suggesting detailed accessories like a wide brimmed hat. 


YesPlz’s results are optimized because of using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), an added AI model that can provide better, more relevant responses. 


Was the YesPlz response personalized?


-YesPlz’s AI Stylist is personalized to individual users in many different ways.


-Shoppers can take a short style quiz to better frame their results to focus on the vibes and silhouettes they prefer.


-The YesPlz AI Stylist can also remember past conversations, and use that information to make better recommendations.


-Shoppers can train the AI to better understand their style preferences by giving complete outfits a thumbs up or down, and liking or disliking specific products.


-Shoppers also see unique curated recommendations based on their behavior and interactions.


The Importance of Using the Right AI Stylist:


Shoppers want to easily find the right product for their special occasion, personal attributes, or style aspiration. Today, no search and recommendations accommodate the shoppers' needs.


Unfortunately, retailers currently lack the tools to understand shoppers' intention and find the right products, missing an opportunity to help shoppers discover from the catalog. And retailers also lack the tools to scale up sophisticated styling, leaving shoppers with limited capability rules-based chatbots that don’t deliver the personalized experience they deserve.


YesPlz AI Stylist vs ChatGPT for eCommerce


YesPlz AI Stylist: The first-ever AI stylist powered by combined AI processes, allowing YesPlz to interpret any shopper prompt and deliver instant, individualized styling curations for any request. It is built with proprietary technology that uses layers of ML, allowing the AI stylist to play the role of both fashion stylist and personal shopping assistant


ChatGPT for eCommerce: Simple, text-based responses generated from prompts. No clickable products, and lack of understanding of fashion, and particularly, a retailer’s specific product attributes.


YesPlz uses more advanced technology to curate individualized recommendations that are personal to each shopper, while ChatGPT serves as a general chatbot, and lacks the specific fashion knowledge to create unique outfits. 


Why Choose YesPlz AI Stylist?


The YesPlz AI Stylist can deliver quality products that are hyper-personalized in just a few seconds, giving retailers a competitive advantage to stand out against others. 


Specifically, the YesPlz AI Stylist can deliver:


1- Quality: The YesPlz AI Stylist can instantly understand shoppers' requests and assemble entire outfits, combining the power of a personal assistant and stylist.


Our research shows that shoppers expect retailers to provide complete looks, catered to their specific needs including weather, occasion, and their circumstances.


2-Hyper-Personalization: The YesPlz AI Stylist creates individualized recommendations that appeal to each shopper. It can provide the hyper-personalized experience that shoppers crave.


With capabilities like thumbs up/down ratings (actively learning shoppers’ preferences), curated collections, and instant outfit suggestions give shoppers the personalization they demand. 


3-Retailer advantage: When using the YesPlz AI Stylist, retailers have access to cutting edge technology that helps them stand out in crowded competitor space. 


And, it’s an instant, easy integration for retailers—no need to build anything in-house, simply plug into our API and get started.


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