The 9+ AI Product Discovery Tools To Design an Engaging Shopping Journey

Turning Clicks into Conversions: Using eCommerce Enhancement Solutions for Higher Shopping Engagement

YesPlz.AI, May 2024

Every shopper journey starts with one of two paths: either a search or browsing.

“I want a cute summer top for a Friday outing with friends. It needs to have the right fit and no loud prints.”

That sounds like a complex product search. And, since most shoppers have complex product searches, they require powerful search tools to accompany them.

Even if a shopper is simply browsing without specific products in mind (like the “cute summer top” example above), the journey should still be effortless, enabling her to seamlessly navigate from product to product while still filtering for the product attributes she loves or hates. 

With the right recommendation and search tools, shoppers can easily discover products that match their interests and needs. Essential but fashion savvy recommendation tools can include Similar Recommendations, Complete the Look, and Frequently Bought Together (we’ll explain more below).

For retailers, when shoppers easily discover matching products, that translates to lower bounce rates and higher rates of engagement.

Luckily, YesPlz AI offers a suite of 9+ product discovery solutions that include search, filter, recommendations, and an AI stylist to help create a smooth discovery journey for each shopper, meeting them at every corner of their journey.

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YesPlz’s Ecommerce Enhancement Solutions Mean Lower Bounce Rates

By capturing shopper desires at every point during the journey, YesPlz’s eCommerce enhancement solutions can supplement parts of the shopper journey where they’re most likely to drop off.

For example, when shoppers first start their journey, they may struggle to know which words to use to describe their search–is the term a ”cute summer top” “summer blouse” or “going out tank?”

Using YesPlz’s AI stylist solves the problem by understanding every search query in the shopper’s natural language. We’ll explain in even more detail below how YesPlz eCommerce enhancement solutions keep shoppers engaged, and how each solution helps shoppers find the perfect product.

eCommerce discovery journey tools


#1 Auto product tagging

YesPlz’s tagging is powered by AI, trained for fashion, and can understand detailed fashion attributes like silhouette, occasion, and pattern.

Auto-product tagging powered by AI sets up the foundation for successful discovery, making it possible for retailers to plug into advanced search and discovery.

YesPlz’s AI tagging is focused on product attributes that matter to shoppers, and the fashion AI can analyze between 20 to 60 granular product attributes in seconds–leading to better search matches.

Auto-product tagging matters for product discovery by making sure that retailers’ entire catalogs are discoverable, so shoppers can see the full depth of products that a retailer offers.

AI Auto Product Tagging


#2 The Virtual Mannequin Filter

The Virtual Mannequin Filter is a one-of-a-kind filter that taps into the visually focused part of discovery. Since it’s notoriously difficult for shoppers to put into words what they want, the Virtual Mannequin allows shoppers to filter using a visual representation–no need to understand fashion terminology or jargon.

The Virtual Mannequin Filter makes the initial search more engaging.

And, since shoppers often know exactly which body parts they want to flaunt or hide, they are empowered to filter exactly for their preferences.

Shoppers often get stuck trying to find the right words to describe their preferences–the Virtual Mannequin Filter offers an entirely new way to guide them through product discovery

The Virtual Mannequin Filter



#3 The First-Ever GPT AI Stylist

The YesPlz GPT AI Stylist is the first of its kind, using combined AI technology (NLP and computer vision) to provide real-time personalization based on shopper style preferences.

Shoppers can ask any prompt and the AI Stylist can understand. In return, shoppers receive curated, clickable, visual recommendations based on retailers’ product catalogs.

The AI Stylist makes sure that shoppers never get dead-end search results, keeping them engaged and delighted throughout the journey. 

And, it offers a level of personalization like no other–it’s like having your own personal stylist. For retailers, the AI stylist offers new ways for shoppers to engage with more of your product catalog.

AI Fashion Stylist



#4 Generative AI Search

Today’s search can’t understand complex search queries (like “cute summer outfits for Friday night outing”).

YesPlz’s Generative AI search is multimodal and fashion specialized AI that can understand the specific search context, trends, and style.

Shoppers receive full outfit suggestions in return, as well as styling suggestions

Generative AI search removes the friction in searching.

And let’s face it: text search is generally frustrating for shoppers, who are more likely to bounce from the site if they don’t receive matching search results.

Generative AI also taps into personalization, giving shoppers styling advice tailored to their searches.

Gen AI Search and Its Description



#5 Complete the Look

YesPlz’s Complete the Look can generate an endless combination of outfits for different occasions, sparking ideas for shoppers on how to style retailer products.

Here’s how it works: YesPlz’s AI generates thousands of styling rules based on old trends, as well as the latest trends. Then, YesPlz’s AI reads the main product, matching it to the best styling rules for that product.

Finally, the AI scans through the product catalog to find more products that fit the main product and the styling rules.

Even a simple pair of shoes can generate full outfit ensembles to complete the look.

YesPlz’s AI generates fresh, new wardrobes every day and displays a new complete the look each time that shoppers search, so they’re never stuck seeing the same repeated suggestions.

AI generates the complete the look



#6 Similar Look

Similar recommendations are suggested products that are similar to the product that a shopper is viewing. They might include matching products that are similar in color, neckline, and pattern.

While similar recommendations are traditionally built using keyword matching (based on the title text or product description), there’s a new and better way: YesPlz uses computer vision to find key product attributes and then make accurate suggestions. By using computer vision, YesPlz can better identify key product attributes to create better similar looks.

Better similar looks mean more engaged shoppers and increased shopper engagement. A precise recommendation can keep shoppers engaged for longer on the platform, as they explore products that truly match their style, preferences, and interests.

visual search for similar look recs



#7 Frequently Bought Together Recommendations

Frequently bought together recommendations are based on what other users with similar tastes purchased. Grouping shoppers by similar tastes can ideally find products highly relevant to their interests.

YesPlz’s frequently bought together recommendations also carefully consider the product’s fashion attributes, making them even more stylish and accurate than other types of frequently bought recommendations.

Shoppers who find products that are highly relevant to their interests are more likely to convert, leading to bigger basket sizes and higher conversion rates for retailers. 


frequently bought together recs



#8 Personalized Shopping Cart Recommendations

Personalized shopping cart recommendations are based on the specific items a shopper has placed into her shopping cart. YesPlz’s fashion-trained AI scans the products in the shopping cart and generates personalized recommendations that a shopper would like based on her tastes. The shopper can instantly discover more items, without needing to jump around from page to page. 

As a result, every shopper is served different recommendations, making the experience personalized.

Real-time cart suggestions are always highly relevant, making it easier for shoppers to add more products to their carts

Shopping cart curation adds an unexpected dash of personalization when shoppers are already in the “conversion mindset.”

Shopping cart recs



#9 Style Analytics

YesPlz can capture key statistics about a retailer's styles and compare them with the preferences of shoppers and influencers.

For Retailers: We analyze the entire catalog to extract data on major categories and style attributes.

For Influencers: We select top influencers, collect their Instagram data, and conduct the same analysis.

Retailers can use this data to plan more targeted merchandising, promotion campaigns, and advertising plans. For example, if shoppers frequently favorite items with chic and minimalistic attributes, retailers can focus on stocking and promoting more of these styles.

Retailers gain a smarter understanding of their shoppers' preferences, eliminating the need for blindly planned promotions, ad campaigns, or merchandising guesses.

YesPlz’s AI analyzes both images and text from catalogs or Instagram feeds, easily extracting the most popular attributes and categories.

Optimized product discovery and promotion allow retailers to showcase products that shoppers care about, reducing wasted spending on irrelevant ads. And, better planning based on real data keeps retailers on-trend.


Style analytics for fashion brands



YesPlz offers comprehensive eCommerce enhancement solutions that are perfect for your business. 

Comprehensive Solutions:

Integrate YesPlz’s tech once, then access all 9+ solutions. Retailers don’t have to manage multiple solutions because YesPlz AI’s bundled solutions mean only plugging into one API to get comprehensive search and recommendations.

ecommerce tool integration


Seamless Communication Between Features:

Our features communicate with each other, effectively optimizing the discovery journey for your shoppers. Unlike other solutions provided by multiple vendors, YesPlz offers a cohesive ecosystem where technology works together to create even better search and recommendations. 


Access the Latest AI Technology:

Access the latest technology without lifting a finger–no complicated integrations, internal builds, or the need for multiple vendors. YesPlz is constantly innovating and integrating new features to enhance the experience for both retailers and their shoppers.


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