The Step-by-Step Guide to the Virtual Mannequin Filter

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YesPlz.AI, March 2023

Have you ever tried to find a certain style of clothing and the name seems to slip your mind?


Or, maybe you know the exact clothing silhouettes that flatter your body, but can’t find the filter combinations to get you to the products you want to see?


What if you’re a guest at an upcoming wedding, and need dresses that fit that specific occasion?


Introducing the Virtual Mannequin Filter, a revolutionary tool that transforms online shopping into a seamless and enjoyable experience, by catering to the user's specific requirements and preferences.


We’ll walk you through how to use the Virtual Mannequin Filter to achieve any search goal, whether you’re just exploring within your preferred styles or looking for more specific results.


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Start with the mannequin filter, an intuitively designed filter:


The virtual mannequin filter, powered by fashion AI


The mannequin changes based on the product category you select.


In the above example, the shopper sees a top, with labels for different style attribute filters.


Depending on the clothing category selected (shoes are also available!), you’ll see different filter options.


Select the neckline and change the design


Neckline design of the AI virtual mannequin filter


Simply tap to select the neckline. It’s that intuitive. You can filter simply by tapping repeatedly on a product attribute, or, select a visual icon from a list that drops down when a product attribute is selected.


Once you tap, you’ll see a drop-down menu with different neckline illustrations. Once you click on a neckline, results are automatically filtered. 


You’ll see a preview of the number of search results, so there’s no surprises


See the instant search results


Open neckline product attribute filter available at W Concept


It’s as easy as selecting an open neckline, and seeing open neckline search results. 


How about changing the neckline from “open” to “collar”?


Open the Virtual Mannequin Filter and select “collar” from the neckline drop-down list. Use the visual cues to quickly scan and choose “collar.” 


Collar filter for YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter at W Concept


Instant Search Results:


Collar neckline search results from the Virtual Mannequin Filter


What about a “collar” neckline, but with short sleeves? 


Short Sleeve and Collar Faceted Navigation on the Virtual Mannequin Filter


By tapping “sleeves,” you’ll see icons with sleeve types. 


Ready for the 862 search results? 


You’ll see your matching search results in seconds that are relevant.


Shoppers can also see their pre-selected filters at the top of the search results, to easily turn off filters without having to hit the back button or scroll further.


Search results on W Concept for faceted navigation collar and short sleeve


How about we add more flavor? Imagine seeing patterns on your selected silhouette:


Pattern search filters on Virtual Mannequin Filter


Whether you’re interested in pattern, details, or checkers, you can filter down even further. 


Here are striped pattern shirts that still have a collar neckline and short sleeves:


Faceted search at W Concept for striped, collared, short sleeve shirts


Or perhaps a floral pattern?


Floral, striped, short sleeve, collar neckline shirts at W Concept using faceted navigation


Faceted navigation is easy when it’s powered by AI tagging.


Now, let’s have fun filtering by thematic like mood or occasion.


Collar and short sleeves but in a “casual” vibe



Occasion filters for W Concept examples


Color and short sleeves but in a “romantic” vibe


Romantic vibe product filters at W Concept


We can correctly identify hard-to-define occasions like “romantic,” by putting multiple attributes like “pastel color” and “puffy sleeves” together to create criteria to determine an occasion. We determined those product attributes through real user interviews, so occasion filters are reflective of real shopper opinions. 


Then, with the help of AI tagging, we can apply that feedback to AI training to create sets of occasion filters. 


The Importance of Occasion Filters for Ecommerce


Occasion filters are an eCommerce best practice because they tap into more complex shopper mindsets.


Our research shows that customers tend to have an open search mindset, with specific product attributes in mind. 


For example, “I’m open to a dress for a wedding, as long as I can hide my legs and show off my arms.” 


However, occasion filters are difficult to get right because of retailers’ complex product catalogs.


With fashion-trained AI, we use computer vision to tag retailer catalogs for occasion, eliminating the need for manual tagging and reducing mistakes in occasion tagging.


YesPlz occasion tagging explanation against a gradient background


YesPlz occasion tagging for retailers has included:


  • Night out
  • Workout
  • Wedding
  • Festival
  • Vacation
  • Off Duty

Intuitive product filtering where both retailers and shoppers benefit


The shopping experience is natural and intuitive with the Virtual Mannequin Filter. 


Shoppers benefit because they’re no longer stuck reading a long list of text filters, or endlessly clicking to find the products they already have in mind. 


With visual cues like the virtual mannequin and product attribute icons, shoppers are guided through the product discovery journey through every step. 


Retailers benefit because they’re no longer limited to outdated product filters, and they’re free from using internal engineering resources to manually tag products.


With the AI image tagging technology behind the Virtual Mannequin Filter, product catalogs can be accurately tagged for product attributes. 


And, everyone benefits when the average cart size is increased by 1.7x (recent studies from clients) with the VM Filter. 


Average increase in cart size for shoppers using the Virtual Mannequin Filter


Shoppers get what they want. Retailers get more conversions. And the product filtering experience is user-friendly and accurate. 


Tapping into the visual nature of shopping


Because shopping is visual in nature, providing visual cues to help shoppers narrow down their search is critical. And, with confusing fashion taxonomy, shoppers are often left with no easy way to distinguish between different terms that describe the same style of clothing. 


We’ve eliminated that problem by providing visual icons to guide shoppers, and keep them from bouncing off from frustration.


Shoppers initially see style filter options, and with a quick scroll down, they also see filter options for color, material, occasion, and price. 


When a shopper clicks on color, for example, she doesn’t see a long, exhausting list of text options. Instead, she sees a color palette with names underneath, to help guide her in making selections.


These filters change dynamically based on previous shopper selections, so she’ll never select a filter option that doesn’t exist or is out of stock. 


Customizable for any retailer and their products


The technology behind the Virtual Mannequin Filter is powerful AI tagging, which can quickly and accurately identify product attributes in a retailers’ catalog. 


Here’s what makes YesPlz’s approach so unique:


Step 1: Before building, we defined the key attributes that shoppers care about through user interviews

Step 2: We train the AI using image and text

Step 3: Experts in fashion correct the AI’s mistakes

Step 4: We provide data enrichment and image tagging output for retailers


Bonus: YesPlz relentlessly explores a creative way to tag information users care about, using various tools for top-tier fashion tagging.


The way that YesPlz tags product catalogs makes it easy to customize the Virtual Mannequin Filter to unique retailer needs.


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