The Story Behind ChatGPT Fashion Stylist

Behind the Scenes

YesPlz.AI, July 2023

The story behind ChatGPT Fashion Stylist:


🎉 Today we hit 1,000 curious minds who joined our waitlist and we wanted to pause to share our story and upcoming updates.


It all started with a single seed of an idea: the current search & product discovery experience is broken, and there is no tool that combines current AI technology to fix it.



And so, the challenge was launched: how can we build the world's first AI Stylist utilizing the large language model such as ChatGPT?


It wasn't easy. It's never easy to be the first to re-define a category.


Why AI Stylist?


But after iteration after iteration, based on shopper feedback, we learned what shoppers truly want:



YesPlz ChatGPT AI Stylist with example of prompts and curated products



A hyper-personalized shopping experience where they could use the language that felt natural to them and get curated fashion styling.


And most of all, we learned that shoppers are all about the "me"--they want shopping experiences that are uniquely personalized to them, and no one else. 


With that feedback in mind, we built a V0.5 of ChatGPT for Fashion Stylist adding in style quizzes and personalized closet curations.


An image of a woman in buckethat with two thumbs up and thumbs down sticker


In Progress: Taming the AI

Fashion Transformer


Our AI makes mistakes, and sometimes outright hallucinates. We're currently working on taming our AI so that natural language processing can better understand fashion prompts.


  • Better handling of natural language processing, especially with fashion
  • Dynamic product offering based on your interactions
  • Saved conversations


It's been a humbling journey working through our AI's slip-ups, and we're continuing to work tirelessly to create the best product discovery experience for shoppers and retailers. 


We hope that you'll follow us as we continue to make the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist the next great innovation in fashion tech and make your online shopping delightful!


PS: We'll make sure everyone gets their hands on our demo in the next few weeks. Thank you for being patient with us! Please hang tight.


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