Fashion eCommerce: Holiday 2020 Tips

Our top tips for brands selling online this holiday season

Jess Erdman, December 2020

Is your fashion ecommerce ready for the upcoming holiday season? With eCommerce sales continuing to rise, there's ample opportunity for brands to increase sales. Tap into YesPlz.AI's 3 tips for fashion eCommerce to have a successful holiday season.


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Holiday Tip #1




This holiday season, expect more competition between fashion eCommerce. Customers will easily drop from your website if they can’t understand the product in front of them. Therefore, your products should be easy to understand.


You can mitigate the risk of customers bouncing in two ways:
1) Consider adding zoomed-in product images to provide more context and details.
2) Implement a fashion product recommendation system to complement the browsing experience. 


By adding more details to products, you heighten the customer experience by giving the customer more items to interact with.


An even more impactful solution could be implementing a fashion artificial intelligence to recommend relevant products. By adding a product recommendation system, you can show customers related items, based on their browsing patterns on your website. A product recommendation system that is specifically powered by fashion artificial intelligence can recognize complementary items, such as a backpack that goes with a jacket. Expect to see sales lift with fashion product recommendation systems. Contact the team to learn about our product recommendation system for fashion eCommerce.


Holiday Tip #2




Dynamic search filters can better capture customer search intentions that are often lost in a text-based search. Different products have different names across fashion eCommerce websites, which can prove to be confusing for a customer looking for a particular type of shirt. Research shows that customers tend to stick to the fashion taxonomies that they know because of confusing search terms.


For example, if a customer is looking for a sweatshirt in one store, it may be called a “hoodie” or “pull-over” in another. By using a visual search filter, as depicted above, you can give the customer more opportunities to show what they want--and actually see those products in the search results.


Furthermore, your search filters on your fashion eCommerce should be dynamic enough to capture changing fashion trends. During the 2020 holiday season, it’s expected that customers will be interested in different product categories more closely related to changing customer needs, such as work-from-home and home-based products.


Holiday Tip #3



With the majority of customers shopping online this holiday season, there’s an in-store element missing from the online experience: the sales associate. A helpful sales associate can not only help customers refine their search to find the perfect product, but is a key catalyst in suggesting upsell or complimentary items for customers to purchase.


Fashion artificial intelligence is an essential solution to a missing sales associate, and can even go above and beyond human suggestions. By implementing a fashion artificial intelligence, the customer experience can become an individual, personalized shopping experience, which will lead to higher sales and longer browse times from shoppers.


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