Unboxing the Virtual Mannequin Filter: Finding Dresses


Jess Erdman, May 2023

Blue, patterned daytime dress? ✔️
Short, sequin party dress? ✔️
A v-neck cotton maxi dress for hot summer days? ✔️



With the help of the Virtual Mannequin Filter, finding dresses based on silhouette, vibe, and design has never been easier. 


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is a revolutionary tool that transforms online shopping into a seamless and enjoyable experience, by catering to the user's specific requirements and preferences. 


Shoppers use a virtual mannequin, and click to filter their preferences to find the exact product they are looking for, whether it be a sequin party dress or a specific color maxi dress.


Product attributes are also available as a drop-down menu with visually-attuned icons to select.


We’ll walk you through how to find the perfect dress using the Virtual Mannequin Filter.


Start with the mannequin filter, the most intuitive filter:



You’ll see a different mannequin depending on which product category is selected. 


Since we’re looking for dresses, the shopper will see different product attribute labels on a dress, including: neckline, sleeves, length, and style. 


Select the neckline “high”:



Click on the virtual mannequin to filter options, or check out the visually-enabled icons to easily scan and find the neckline you’re looking for.


The best part? Once you select a product attribute, dynamic filters are applied, so you’ll never be left with zero search results, and can easily see how many results are available.


You’ll see a preview of the number of search results, so there’s no surprises.


See the instant search results for high neckline dresses:



And with one click, you’ll see the instant search results.


Why not change the neckline from “high” to “v-neck”?



With just one more click, we can change the neckline from “high” to “v-neck.” Results instantly update based on the selection.


See the instant search result for “v-neck” dresses:



What about a “v-neck” but short-sleeves?



Select short sleeves, and see short sleeves. And, with automated AI tagging, there’s no confusing names for product attributes, so everyone understands.


Check out the search results.



Hmmm..but what about length? Let’s choose a stylish midi-length. 



Depending on the product category, shoppers will see different product attributes to filter by. We determined through user interviews that shoppers prefer to filter by silhouette, and made sure to tag for these at the product level.





What if we want to spice up our search? Let’s add a fun color to the mix:



Shoppers can see the color chips to take away any guesswork about what a specific color name means–so no more confusion about the difference between “baby blue” and “light blue” 


Now that we have a blue, midi, short-sleeve dress, let’s also add a pattern to find the perfect daytime dress:



Similar to the color options, shoppers can quickly select their preferred patterns with visual cues. 





Or wait, maybe we want a short, black dress that’s perfect for a night out. Watch how easy it is to find a dress that fits your specific needs in just a few seconds:




Occasion filters by YesPlz AI


Boho dresses with the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter



Shoppers can also filter based on theme or occasion, making it a breeze to find dresses for a specific occasion.


Product Filtering Should Be Intuitive and Visual


Long lists of text filters are not the best way to help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for. 


With the ever-evolving language of fashion, terminology changes, and it can be difficult to keep up with retailer terminology for each product. 


For example, what constitutes a cold shoulder versus off-the-shoulders top? Each definition depends on the shopper and the brand, making search more confusing than helpful.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter gives shoppers the freedom to filter without needing to get caught up in fashion terminology. With visual cues and icons, shopping can be delightful and intuitive. 


Because shopping in visual in nature, shoppers benefit when there are visual cues to guide them along the way. 


And, everyone benefits when the average cart size is increased by 1.7x (recent studies from clients) with the Virtual Mannequin Filter.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is an essential way to keep shoppers engaged throughout the eCommerce product discovery journey. 


Dynamic and Faceted Filters Make Ecommerce Discovery Seamless


Dynamic search filters make it easy for shoppers to quickly filter through product attributes. We use them in the Virtual Mannequin Filter to make it clear when a product attribute is unavailable based on previous filter selections.


For example, if a shopper selects a certain silhouette, she will see a grey-out for unavailable product attributes.


We want shoppers to be able to filter quickly, without wasting any time, and dynamic filters (powered by AI) are the best way to support shoppers’ journeys. 


Faceted search navigation is a must-have for effective eCommerce product filtering. If a shopper selects a “v-neck” and a “midi-length” she wants to see both of these product attributes.


AI Image Tagging Powers the Virtual Mannequin Filter


YesPlz tags product attributes using fashion-trained AI, to make the search process easy–and to ensure that full retailer product catalogs are shown in search results.


Product attributes are tagged based on key product attributes that shoppers care about: silhouette, color, pattern, design, material, and theme/mood. 

YesPlz occasion tagging for retailers has included:


  • Night out


  • Workout


  • Wedding


  • Festival


  • Vacation


  • Off Duty


Are you curious to learn more about the Virtual Mannequin Filter?


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Can your eCommerce filter do this?

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