Virtual Mannequin Tutorial: Finding Shoes


YesPlz.AI, April 2023

Finding the perfect pair of shoes online is not easy. With new, trending styles popping up all the time, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest terminology. 


With the Virtual Mannequin Filter, a revolutionary tool that transforms shopping into an interactive experience, you can easily filter by your shoe preferences (for example, by heel height) on a mannequin. Then, receive instant search results that match your parameters.


We’ll walk you through how to use the Virtual Mannequin Filter to find any pair of shoes, under different scenarios.


Start with the mannequin filter, an intuitively designed filter:


Virtual mannequin filter start point


The mannequin filter is the most intuitive way for shoppers to filter their search results. By using a visual cue, shoppers can easily identify the different shoe styles they want, and then customize the design. 


The design of the mannequin filter is different based on the shoe category.


In the example above, a shopper sees a sneaker with different labels for product attributes.


Let’s start by finding a pair of boots for Spring:


Boot filter for virtual mannequin filter



Shoppers see a virtual mannequin model in the shape of a shoe, and have filter options for “bottom, toes, and neck” of the shoe. A purple arrow invites the user to click to filter each product attribute. Each click brings different product attribute details to filter by.


Select the toe-type and change the design:


Pointed toes using the Virtual mannequin Filter


Simply click on the “pointed toe” image to filter by pointed toe boots, or click on the product attribute category “toes” to filter by toe-type.


See instant search results:


Pointed toe search results using fashion AI


It’s as easy as clicking the product attribute and turning it on or off. 


What if we change the toe-type to square?


Square boots using virtual mannequin filter


In just a single click, you can change the toe-type to square, without needing to type in or know any “fancy” fashion terminology.


See instant search results for square toes:


Search results for square boots using fashion AI


Hundreds of square-toe boots are now ready for you to shop.


But wait–what if we want a low block heel, and still keep square toes?


Low block heel and square toe faceted filters by YesPlz AI


Ready for the instant search results for low block heel, square boots?


Low block heel square toe boot search results that use fashion image tagging


Shoppers can easily customize their shoe preferences by selecting and deselecting filters, as well as building filters on top of each other.


How about we add height? We love a “tall” pair of boots:


Adding height to boots for Virtual mannequin Filter

Now we have a square toe, low block heel, tall pair of boots in just a few clicks.


What about a pair of pumps? 


Filtering for shoe type pumps with Virtual Mannequin Filter


Again, we see the virtual mannequin filter, but this time, designed for a pair of pumps.


Let’s make those pumps comfortable by selecting low heels.


Low heel product filter by YesPlz AI


With the same intuitive process, it's seamless to filter for any shoe type and product attributes.


Low heel search results by YesPlz AI using AI product filters


And, we want them in red.


Color product filters by YesPlz AI


YesPlz also offers color filters with easy-to-interpret color chips, so there’s no confusion when filtering. 


Red heels using the virtual mannequin filter powered by fashion intelligence


And make sure the foot is secured with a “strap”.


Changing the neck type for a shoe with YesPlz Mannequin Filter


Here are the results:


Faceted filtering for shoes using YesPlz AI Filters


The shoes are for a night-out on the town with friends. Let’s select “night-out” occasion to make sure the shoes match the vibe.




Now, let's see the final result:


Occasion filters combined with color and heel product attributes by YesPlz AI


Occasions are hard to identify, but by putting different product attributes together to determine the criteria for an occasion, it’s easy. We interviewed real shoppers to see what they define as a “night out” occasion and then used AI tagging to apply shopper feedback.


The Power of Using Fashion Visual Search To Tap Into Shopper Mindsets:


Fashion taxonomy is constantly changing, leaving shoppers wondering about the latest fashion terminology and unable to keep up. By using fashion visual search to tap into shopper mindsets, we can eliminate confusing taxonomy to make sure we all speak the common language of fashion. 


The Virtual Mannequin Filter offers visual cues to guide shoppers, nudging them to explore more filters, and to explore all product attributes. The small icons beneath each product attribute category also helps to eliminate any confusion. 


Shoe shopping is overwhelming with just text filters; there are too many options, leaving shoppers feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Long lists of text filters also make shoppers feel that the filter experience isn’t curated, which doesn’t match the elevated product discovery experience that many brands want to offer.


Powered by fashion intelligence


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is made possible by combining computer vision and natural language processing to quickly and accurately tag product catalogs. YesPlz’s computer vision can identify product attributes in all types of image quality, making it easy to integrate an existing product catalog with the Virtual Mannequin Filter.


Make the shoe shopping more experiential with the Virtual Mannequin Filter, and start converting more shoppers today.


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