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YesPlz.AI, July 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ChatGPT Fashion Stylist today on Product Hunt! This AI-powered stylist is transforming the shopper experience with personalized fashion styling and recommendations.


Check us out on Product Hunt:




We set out to create a smarter and more customized fashion discovery experience. The current world of search and recommendations felt too impersonal, ineffective, and frustrating.


After months of development and feedback,  we're ready to unveil ChatGPT Fashion Stylist to the Product Hunt world.


ChatGPT Fashion Stylist provides tailored outfit suggestions, product curation, and shopping recommendations through natural conversations. 


Our proprietary AI interface allows shoppers to chat about their personal style, sizing, budget, and more. It learns shoppers’ tastes and preferences to deliver suggestions that feel like they came from a trusted fashion expert.


Key features include:

  • Style quizzes to understand the user's fashion preferences upfront
  • Personalized closet curations and outfit ideas
  • Conversational interface using natural language - no more clunky search filters


And today, we’re live on Product Hunt! 


We can’t wait to introduce ChatGPT Fashion Stylist to the Product Hunt community and gather more feedback from real-world users. 


We have plenty of work ahead to improve ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, but we’re excited by the early traction and potential to turn online shopping into a delight instead of a chore.


Please head over to our Product Hunt page and show your support and let us know your thoughts! See you there.



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