Why AI Styling Is the Future of Fashion GPT

How We're Revolutionizing the Industry

Jess Erdman, August 2023

“Personalized” styling now just doesn’t inspire. It still seems to fall short in making diverse recommendations and getting shoppers excited about new styles.


There are chatbots that make finding new styles difficult, unless shoppers want to follow long steps of roundabout prompts:


Chatbot example of styling


Technology still forces shoppers to talk to a customer service agent, which can result in delays and conversations that hinder the customer journey:


Example of customer service agent for styling tips


We’re changing all of that with Fashion GPT Stylist. With the YesPlz solution, fashion websites can easily provide personalized recommendations for their shoppers, which are richer than what a chatbot offers, and faster/more cost-efficient than a human fashion stylist.


Fashion GPT Stylist uses combined AI technology to analyze any shopper prompt, and then offer curated styling based on their preferences. 


Here’s how it works:


1. Select a pre-written prompt, that is pre-selected based on popularity (or is personalized to you). Alternatively, you can write your own prompt.


ChatGPT Fashion Stylist prompts


2. Hit ‘enter’ and Fashion GPT Stylist will automatically generate full outfit ideas, based on the instructions, including for theme or mood. 


You’ll first see a list with different outfit ideas and explanations.


AI stylist answers for a chic and comfortable airport outfit


Then, if you scroll down, you’ll see images of the outfits and product suggestions. There are even ‘Style With’ suggestions to match the look.


Style with suggestions for chic and comfortable airport outfits using fashion AI


In the example above, we selected a pre-selected or curated prompt to find comfortable outfits for the airport, and received a full list of outfit ideas. 


Ideas included wide leg pants, styled with a relaxed t-shirt and cardigan (perfect for long flights) and high-waisted leggings with an oversized sweater and slip-on sneakers. 


Try again with a new prompt, either pre-written or written by you, either product-based or style-based. 


Why Fashion GPT Stylist Is Revolutionary



Use any input writing style you want.


Want to keep it casual?

Not sure if you’re using the right word to describe a product?

Do you have hyper-specific style requirements?

Looking for a vibe or mood, but having trouble describing it?


Fashion GPT Stylist can help.


With a proprietary fashion transformer which is a fashion version of a sentence transformer, we built a way to translate OpenAI’s recommendations and retailer product catalogs, and then use our image tagging solution to find best matching product results from a retailer’s catalog. 


Curated style recommendations with a point of view


OpenAI’s regular ChatGPT can give product recommendations, but they fall short in giving shoppers the point of view that comes with in-store shopping. 


For example, we asked regular ChatGPT the same prompt, for chic and comfortable airport outfits:


ChatGPT styling suggestions for airport outfits


The answers are basic, uninspired, and unstyled–for example, what kind of accessories could a shopper wear with a jumpsuit?


And, the answers are completely text-based, taking away from the visual nature of product discovery.


Here’s another example of regular ChatGPT responding to a styling question:


Regular ChatGPT style suggestions for a cold winter day


There isn’t a clear point of view or distinct products suggested. Instead, regular ChatGPT gives basic tips for being outside in winter. 


YesPlz’s fashion AI is pre-trained with fashion intelligence, so styling suggestions are high-quality


Have you ever experienced poor “Complete the Look” suggestions on a retailer site? For example, styling suggestions that are repetitive, inaccurate, or completely wrong? 


With YesPlz’s fashion-trained AI, our technology is trained to understand what silhouettes go well; what colors and textures look good together; what product attributes are relevant to a specific occasion; and much more.


For example, let's say a shopper is searching for a cocktail dress that hides her legs.


Cocktail dress ideas by ChatGPT AI Stylist


YesPlz fashion-trained AI can identify and suggest specific silhouettes that hide the legs, while still staying accurate to the occasion requested.


What are the use cases for ChatGPT AI Stylist?


-Thematic styling


Whether shoppers are looking for a 90s outfit or a workout set, we can interpret any occasion prompt and accurately suggest outfits that will fit the prompt. 


When shoppers start their journey, they tend to have a specific occasion in mind, so it’s necessary to guide them to products that fit the vibe.


-Silhouette preferences


YesPlz research shows that shoppers have specific silhouettes and qualities that they want to hide or flaunt. For example, a shopper that wants to hide her tummy will never want to see crop tops.


ChatGPT AI Stylist can make suggestions that fit shopper silhouette preferences, and go a step further in suggesting styling ideas.


ChatGPT for fashion AI styling suggestions to hide stomach



-Fashion styling


Our AI styling technology utilizes computer vision and NLP to analyze retailers' product catalogs and generate personalized product recommendations for shoppers based on their individual style preferences, body type, and occasion.


These suggestions are always unique and up-to-date, avoiding repetitive recommendations. 


Moreover, AI styling provides shoppers with styling tips and suggestions on how to accessorize and combine products to create better outfits.


Fashion styling suggestions for a black blazer using AI



-Cross-category recommendations


Shoppers can discover complementary products across various categories. For instance, they may be recommended sneakers that pair well with jeans or a handbag that complements a dress. 


By encouraging shoppers to purchase products that go well together, retailers can expect to see increased product discovery and conversions in multiple categories.


-Promote lesser-known products


Shoppers often only opt to purchase products that are already popular and trending, leaving retailer product catalogs undiscovered.


However, Fashion GPT Stylist offers a solution by recommending products from the entire catalog, including those that may be less well-known. This enables retailers to showcase a wider range of products to increase conversion.


-Based on vibe


Shoppers love vibe-based styling because it gets to the heart of fashion. A Y2K vibe. A grunge vibe. A punk vibe. Fashion GPT Stylist can interpret and suggest products based on all of these vibes and more, thanks to the technology powering it.


Grunge vibe suggestions by ChatGPT AI Stylist


-For fashion savvy shoppers


Ask Fashion GPT Stylist to channel a certain designer or style, and it will instantly understand the context and make relevant suggestions.


For example, we asked Fashion GPT Stylist for Chanel-inspired outfits and this is what we received:


ChatGPT Stylist prompt for outfits inspired by Chanel


Chanel inspired outfits using fashion AI


What’s coming next for YesPlz’s Fashion GPT Stylist?


Our AI Fashion Stylist is just the beginning of a new way of product discovery experience.


We’re currently working on personalization that makes your shopping experience more delightful and talking with many of your favorite fashion retailers and brands to bring this experience for you to try. 


Meanwhile, join us for the beta waitlist and experience the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist for a personalized online shopping experience. 


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