Now or Never: Why Fashion eCommerce Needs Visual Search

eCommerce Webinar Expert Series: A Dialogue Between Experts

YesPlz.AI, May 2022


May 18th (Wed), 2022

11am-12pm PST


What you'll learn:

Visual search is disrupting fashion eCommerce, creating new opportunities for retailers whose search is lacking. Powered by fashion AI, visual search has been embraced by major retailers like Shein--but what makes it so revolutionary?


In this webinar, we'll explore:


  • Visual search 101, and why the biggest retailers are embracing it
  • The struggle to implement AI technology, and what retailers can do to bridge the gap
  • A look into the future of visual search 10 years from now



Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd is a digital strategy consultant and visual search expert. He works with early-stage AI startups and also lectures at business schools on innovation and strategy. Over the last 12 years, he has devised and implemented international marketing campaigns for brands including American Express, adidas, and General Motors. Clark's hi, tech. newsletter discusses the latest trends in retail, AI, and visual search each week.

Jiwon Hong

Jiwon Hong is a founder and CEO of YesPlz AI. Her previous experience as a product manager at Samsung and Sony Music, working on search and recommendations, ignited her passion for innovating fashion search. Through years of extended interviews with shoppers, she learned that the gap between customer expectations and the reality of online fashion search is immense. By using deep learning technology, Jiwon is constantly running experiments about eCommerce tech and is excited to share her findings with the audience.



Jess Erdman

Jess is the content marketing lead at YesPlz.AI. She has experience working in marketing across technology areas, from artificial intelligence to blockchain. She writes about visual search in fashion eCommerce in the YesPlz Resource Center.

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