Why Hire an AI Stylist for Your Eommerce?

How an AI Stylist Can Solve Your eCommerce’s Toughest Problems

YesPlz.AI, May 2024

Online fashion search has a surprisingly simple goal: to effectively match shoppers’ search to the right products in a product catalog. One way to create a curated shopper experience is by using a stylist, who can use their wide knowledge of fashion to pull matching products for shoppers. 

But, human stylists are expensive to scale, and they can’t take into consideration the entire product catalog. 

What if an AI could help shoppers effectively find what they’re looking for, while creating more cost savings for eCommerce retailers?

Of course, not all AI is created equal. For example, simply connecting your shoppers with a rules-based chatbot (we’ll elaborate on that later) isn't enough to meet their complex product search needs.

At YesPlz, we understand the complexity of fashion search–so we used our background in AI and eCommerce to develop the YesPlz AI Stylist. The YesPlz AI Stylist is a new AI-powered stylist that can offer styling advice, outfit advice, suggestions, and understand complicated shopper requests. 

And, there’s great news for retailers: the YesPlz AI Stylist can support human stylists by increasing their scalability, and providing them with an additional resource to dive deep into product catalogs in seconds. 

Let's dive into the actual use cases with fashion retailers/brands on how they're leverating AI Stylist.


Case Study 1: The AI Stylist’s Solution to Overwhelmed Customer Support Staff -- ChatBot Enhancement with AI Stylist

AI Stylist integrated into WhatsApp chatbot


The Problem:
It is almost impossible to make a rule-based recommendation for every single product with any chatbot. (Read one of our blogs
to learn more about chatbot integration vs AI Stylist for your fashion business) Instead, some retailers assign their sales staff or customer support agents to answer styling questions that come in through their website's chatbots. Sales staff feel that this extra work is not only distracting but overwhelming to keep up with, as thousands of new products are being added every week.

It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the product catalog and know which products to suggest. And, on top of that, it’s costly to keep staff on call. 

The Solution:
Retailers can use the YesPlz AI Stylist as a chatbot integration or direct integration to website.

Chatbot Integration is simple: have our AI Stylist API integrate into your chatbot workflow, connect the YesPlz AI stylist API, and the AI Stylist is ready to serve your customers!

How AI Stylist is being integrated with WhatsApp

For retailers looking for a simple integration, they can choose to integrate the AI Stylist with Whatsapp chatbots, leading to a highly sophisticated and personalized shopping experience for their customers–and very little lift for the retailer.

Whether your business uses an automated chatbot or a human stylist to answer Whatsapp styling requests, the YesPlz AI Stylist can easily integrate with Whatsapp to help you better serve your customers. 

In the example above, the YesPlz AI Stylist is used to help a customer find a style of jeans that work for her petite figure. The customer can 1) understand why the product is suggested and 2) see in-app images of the products to help her make a decision.


Case Study #2: How AI Helped In-House Stylists at Big Sister Swap Create Better Styling Services for Customers


Discovery tools for AI Stylist

The Problem:
Big Sister Swap is the world’s only personalized clothing swapping system, with a deep product catalog of diverse styles and sizes. Big Sister Swap has in-house stylists who are fashion experts, but need support in finding the right styles, quickly, for their customers.

Their in-house stylists tried out a “typical” visual search tool to find similar products, hoping it would enable them to make styling recommendations. However, the integration was hectic–and the visual search tool was limited. It couldn’t easily adjust for the most important factors for stylists: colors, neck types, patterns, and so on. Not to mention, building the entire discovery tools customized for the stylists is heavy work that can take years. 

The Solution:
Big Sister Swap plugged into YesPl’s comprehensive discovery tool ecosystem for their pre-owned product catalog, which comes with 6 different search and discovery features in a package, helping their in-house stylists quickly find the right styles for their customers. With the Virtual Mannequin Filter, vibe tagging, You Might Also Like recommendations, Complete the Look styling suggestions, and personalized recommendations from the YesPlz AI Stylist, the stylists can easily search and discover styles for their customers. 

Check out how Big Sister Swap uses YesPlz’s AI to enhance their styling services.

AI discovery tools for stylists


Case Study #3: How Casual Chic Scaled Their Stylist Services Using AI 

The Situation:
Human stylists bring a personal touch to the fashion shopping experience, but they aren’t easily scalable, making them an expensive business choice. Plus, human stylists need many tools and resources to make their styling recommendations, making the styling process time consuming.

At Casual Chic, using a human stylist meant needing to collect customer data, browse through websites to search for the right products for their clients, and stay on-call for their conversations.

When a chatbot connects to a sales associate, the process can be slow. Humans can get distracted, have other pressing tasks, and can’t give their full attention 24/7.


AI Stylist integrated into fashion website

The Solution:
The YesPlz AI Stylist Created a Scalable, Fashion-Forward Solution for Casual Chic

Casual Chic integrated the YesPlz AI Stylist, a pre-built template that’s ready to be installed and immediately started scaling its fashion styling services. Direct integration offers more interaction, personalization, and features for shoppers to stay engaged while finding the perfect outfit.

Casual Chic shoppers can ask styling questions (in their natural language) and receive instant suggestions. 

And, Casual Chic shoppers can receive personalized recommendations based on body shape, preferred styles, colors, and pattern types, while exploring the full depth of Casual Chic’s product catalog.

As a result, Casual Chic is now able to offer scalable styling recommendations around the clock to its shoppers, resulting in decreased bounce rates and happier shoppers. 


How does the YesPlz AI Fashion Stylist work?

The YesPlz AI Stylist is fashion-trained software that can recognize key product attributes and styles from a product image. It’s trained to understand fashion the same way that humans do, and can offer styling advice on outfits, what to wear for certain occasions, and even the latest trends.

Best of all, the YesPlz AI Stylist is easily integrated into a fashion brands’ pre-existing chatbots or directly into websites, offering personalized styling suggestions based on your brand’s specific product catalog. 


But, what makes the YesPlz AI Stylist different? 

  • Advanced Styling Abilities: The AI Stylist is trained with thousands of styling rules, so it can recognize design, color, pattern, and nuance from product images just as humans do.
  • Instant Product Matching: It can go beyond human capabilities by scanning a brand’s entire product catalog in seconds, finding the best matching products for each shopper’s unique request.
  • Equipped to Understand Natural Shopper Language: The AI Stylist is equipped with an LLM (Language Learning Model), so it can instantly understand and interpret shopper requests, no matter how they’re worded. 


The AI Stylist Is A Retailer’s Best Friend

Retailers struggle with rule-based chatbots, which are based on a limited set of rules. Rule-based chatbots can’t support all of the styling requests that a shopper might ask, creating a poor discovery experience.

If rules-based options are poor, then a retailer can use a second option: hire a team of customer support agents or sales associates to answer each individual styling question.

However, hiring a team of human agents isn’t a smart business decision because they don’t know your entire product catalog–leaving them unable to effectively answer styling requests. 

Plus, agents need to be trained to be fashion stylists (and to understand fashion prompts), which takes time and resources. 

Finally, human agents have limited working hours, which leaves shoppers frustrated with long waiting times–or will cause your eCommerce to need to hire even more agents (which is even more costly).

The AI Stylist can provide a better solution, whether you’re looking to use the AI Stylist as a standalone styling tool, a resource for your team of fashion stylists, or you’re simply looking to scale your eCommerce styling capabilities affordably.

By helping shoppers effectively discover the products they’re looking for, the AI Stylist is a unique way for retailers to reduce bounce rates.

No more endless clicking to find the right product, frustrated shoppers, or lost sales. The AI Stylist is the fashion-trained AI ready to make retailer’s toughest challenges disappear. 

As the Casual Chic and Big Sister Swap case studies show, the AI Stylist is flexible for different retailer needs, and easily integrated into a chatbot or directly embedded into a website. By reducing retailer costs and offering scalable styling services, the AI Stylist is the perfect solution for retailers looking for a way to boost sales and reduce bounce rates.

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