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Jess Erdman, August 2023

Innovative AI tools for eCommerce piqued retailers’ attention in 2023, as the conversation around fashion AI was reignited. Every day, it seems like there’s a new AI product launch, and the retail space is heating up with new ideas.


However, most of the current AI tools for eCommerce aren’t as transformative as they may seem at first. Instead, we’re seeing a spike in supplemental tools to traditional eCommerce search–which is always useful, but not necessarily enough to be the transformative search and discovery experience we know that shoppers crave. 


One area in AI eCommerce that’s rapidly developing thanks to new technology is the virtual assistant and styling space. With retailers releasing in-house tools to supplement basic shopper search, it may be difficult from the outside to see which solution is truly transformative, and which are supplemental to the status-quo.


Here’s what makes GPT AI Stylist an entirely new experience for eCommerce:


GPT AI Stylist: An Advanced AI Tool for ECommerce that Draws From Combined Technologies


YesPlz Fashion Transformer uses advanced Ecommerce AI technology


GPT AI Stylist stands apart from other AI eCommerce tools through its unrivaled blend of deep learning algorithms for individualized recommendations, natural language processing to interpret any type of shopper prompt, and computer vision for instant visual product matching.


This one-of-a-kind fusion empowers GPT AI Stylist to act as a personal stylist curating complete head-to-toe looks tailored to each customer's unique style. It can also rapidly retrieve relevant products that match a shopper's specific natural language request, just like an in-store sales associate. 


Additionally, it analyzes emerging trends and customer behavior like a business analyst to identify strategic products to promote.


Retailers gain invaluable granular insights into what types of prompts, styles, keywords, colors, brands, and attributes resonate most with users- precious data to better optimize the shopping experience.


The YesPlz Fashion Transformer draws from advanced, fashion-trained AI to understand the latest styles, and offer scalable discovery.


Smooth, Easy Integration Compared to Other AI Tools for ECommerce


Two 3D symbols to depict smooth integration compared to other eCommerce AI tools


Stuck with an endless integration process? Not with the GPT AI Stylist.


The GPT AI Stylist integrates with any retailer product catalog and doesn’t create any extra work for in-house engineers and technology teams.


Simply plug into our API, or install the standalone widget, and start offering advanced product discovery. 


This plug-and-play integration works seamlessly across any eCommerce platform.


End-to-End Personalization That Goes Beyond Other AI Ecommerce Tools


Other AI eCommerce tools focus on enhancing just one part of the customer journey. But, GPT AI Stylist uniquely transforms the entire search and discovery process through comprehensive personalization.


Personalization throughout the discovery journey includes:


-An optional style quiz to kickstart personalization, and find out about shopper preferences for silhouette and style


-Flexibility to ask any prompt and receive instant products based on their ask



-The ability for shoppers to like or dislike products with a simple thumbs up or down, teaching our fashion AI to understand shoppers better


-One-click to remix entire outfits, and one click to refresh just one product from a curation, empowering shoppers to build their own outfits that speak to them



-Active learning from shoppers’ favorited items to create individual, personalized curations and offers


And, as an added benefit, personalization data offers retailers insights into shopper behavior from multiple touchpoints during the journey


An AI Tool for Ecommerce That’s Ready for Implementation, Now


A small 3D lightbulb with text inside box about YesPlz AI training


While other AI tools for eCommerce are still in pre-product development stages, we have a robust, ready-to-deploy product that we’re continuing to update and test with feedback, so we’re ahead of any other tools. 


And, that process didn’t just start with an idea a few months ago–we’ve trained our fashion AI over the years as we served the leading global fashion brands. 


Because our AI has years of training and we’ve already launched product discovery and search/recommendations for major fashion brands, we bring a high level of expertise to the table. 


Our AI wasn’t developed yesterday–it’s AI you can trust with years of experience.


An AI Tool for ECommerce That Continuously Evolves Through User Feedback


YesPlz AI machine learning with black hoodie and thumbs up/down stickers


We’re constantly evolving the GPT AI Stylist with continuous user feedback, in different forms:


1- User Ratings: User ratings on products via simple thumbs up/down further refine recommendations to perfectly match individual shopper preferences. The AI also learns from users’ favorited products and can remember past interactions.


2- Prompt Insights: We have thousands of user prompts to study, and are actively researching and reporting on what matters most to shoppers based on their prompts.


3- We talk to real shoppers: We’re also interviewing users to get their feedback and details on what they like and dislike, what they expect, and what they need from search, making each stage of iteration even better than the last.


GPT AI Stylist delivers transformative personalization that far surpasses supplemental search tools, that is the future of eCommerce discovery experiences, powered by combined AI.


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