Shopify AI Shopping Assistant vs. YesPlz AI Stylist

Battle of Fall Styles

Jess Erdman, September 2023





Today, we’re going to compare two popular shopping tools: the YesPlz AI stylist and Shopify’s AI shopping assistant to see which can produce the best fall outfits. 


Shop AI Shopping Assistant by Shopify




Shop by Shopify recently launched its AI shopping assistant, incorporating the ChatGPT API, and marking its entrance into the AI-powered shopping landscape.


Shop exists as a way for consumers to access Shopify brands, and now, it's doing so with the help of AI.


With its AI shopping assistant, Shopify is also confirming the need for immersive, engaging shopping experiences to guide shoppers through the difficult task of discovering and filtering products based on complex filter combinations. 


How Shop Describes Its Service:


Shop notes that its AI shopping assistant is designed to streamline the discovery process. By scanning a vast array of products, it offers personalized recommendations, either aligning with the shopper's preferences or suggesting new finds.


Our Testing Experience:


Shop’s design is undeniably sleek, enhancing the overall user experience. 


However, the process felt burdensome, requiring the user to repeatedly prompt to actually see search results and extract more detailed recommendations. 


And, because the tool is simply an AI shopping assistant versus stylist, users receive long blocks of text in response, without integrated product links, resulting in a long, rambling shopping experience.


Overall, Shop’s AI shopping assistant is an interesting addition to the Shopify ecosystem, but lacks the in-depth style knowledge of an AI stylist, resulting in very basic, fragmented chats. 


The YesPlz AI Stylist--More Than An AI Shopping Assistant




YesPlz AI Stylist is a transformative AI-powered fashion experience, fusing together deep learning, NLP, and computer vision to offer curated and personalized head-to-toe outfits. 


The YesPlz Fashion Transformer, the system's backbone, is trained specifically in fashion, ensuring that the recommendations are always on-trend.


Our Testing Experience:


The YesPlz AI Stylist is designed to be integrated and interactive, offering various touchpoints for shoppers to engage with their styling experience.


Users take a short personalized style quiz to frame the conversation, and can initiate any conversation about styles or products.


Instantly, users receive a rich variety of head-to-toe styles. Each style recommendation is thoughtfully curated to create a holistic look based on user preferences.


With a simple click, shoppers can remix entire outfits, seeing an entirely new look. Or, they can refresh one product in an outfit, to keep the look fresh.


Shoppers can also like or dislike products, to better train the AI on their preferences, and in turn, access curated products made especially for them, based on their likes. 


The shopping experience feels seamless, merging the capabilities of both a personal assistant and stylist.


Head-to-Head Test: Finding Trendy Outfits for Fall



We posed the same prompt to both tools: "Find trendy outfits for fall."


Shopify AI Shopping Assistant:


Testing Shopify Shop AI personal shopping assistant


Filtering Process: We had to repeatedly ask the Shopify AI shopping assistant to show us products, instead of giving us long-winded text responses. Each filter had to be applied individually, making the process too slow.


Search Results: The results were a mix of keyword-based recommendations, which at times, resulted in inaccurate search results. The products felt random at times, and there was a noticeable lack of cohesion in the overall outfit suggestions.


User Experience: Because only products were shown side-by-side (versus full outfits), it was difficult to imagine how outfits would look together, putting the burden on the user to create full outfits.


Fashion Sophistication: When we asked for casual chic styling suggestions for a denim jacket, we were given one answer in response: to layer a hoodie under a denim jacket–and then were shown multiple similar pictures with the style. It didn’t feel like the fashion styling was on par with a human stylist, leaving much to be desired with the experience.


YesPlz AI Stylist


Testing YesPlz AI stylist shopping assistant


Filtering Process: We could make complex requests to the AI Stylist, and receive instant search results. We didn’t need to individually break down each filter request.


Search Results: The results felt stylish, accurate for fall, and on-trend with the latest fashion trends, showing looks like an oversized sweater with a crossbody bag, and a plaid blazer with ankle boots.


User Experience: It was easy to imagine the outfits when looking at complete looks, and felt easy to interact and customize the styles further with remixes and product refreshes.


Fashion Sophistication: The looks felt like on-trend, fashionable looks, versus random products thrown together. Because YesPlz AI trains its AI based on vibe and design attributes, it can pull together looks that are more sophisticated than keyword matching. 


Final Verdict: AI Stylist vs. AI Shopping Assistant


We love that personalization is coming front and center to the conversation around shopping experiences, but not all tools are created equal.


YesPlz AI Stylist, with its blend of advanced AI capabilities and fashion-centric training, clearly provides a more intuitive, responsive, and stylish shopping experience. On the other hand, the Shopify AI shopping assistant, though functional, felt limited in its fashion understanding and scope.


by Jess Erdman Jess Erdman
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