Using AI in Fashion for Online Stores: A W.Concept Case Study

Step-by-step case reviews examine each feature how this global fashion retailer is embracing AI

YesPlz.AI, February 2024

Unveiling W.concept's Renewal Project: Transforming the Modern Shopping Experience



W.concept is a rapidly expanding fashion eCommerce platform that ships to over 44 countries and offers more than 100,000 products. Like many other fast-growing fashion retailers, they aim to stand out and improve their service for their increasingly global customer base.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and YouTube, customers are becoming more discerning about what an algorithm does and expect it to work on their shopping websites, too. W.concept recognizes this trend and is at the forefront of integrating technology and fashion, particularly through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

They understand the significance of AI in fashion and have cleverly incorporated it into their renweal website to enhance the shopping experience. YesPlz AI was lucky to be part of this renweal project and today, we'd like delve into how W.concept has integrated AI technology into their platform.

Who is Wconcept?


W.concept Introduces the Virtual Mannequin Filter, Powered by AI, to Simplify the Shopping Process for Customers


With thousands of new products added weekly (including over 16,000 women's tops alone), it's crucial to provide shoppers with a fast and intuitive filtering solution so they can easily narrow down their search. Recognizing this need and the power of AI technology, W.concept opted for the Virtual Mannequin Filter over traditional filtering methods, which often involve browsing through lengthy lists of options. With the Virtual Mannequin Filter, shoppers can now easily customize their search by simply tapping on visual filters.


What's even better for retailers? The Virtual Mannequin Filter automatically tags products using fashion AI, from design silhouette to fashion vibes, eliminating the need for manual tagging. This feature saves retailers time and effort.


And the results speak for themselves: the Virtual Mannequin Filter has increased the average cart size by 1.7X, making it highly effective for shoppers with specific intentions.


The Virtual Mannequin Filter for Wconcept Renewal Project


Everyone Enjoys Knowing 'What's Trending'


Shoppers like to easily find out what's popular, which brands are trending, and what they might be missing out on. This simple feature is highly effective in helping shoppers discover new favorite brands. Especially for retailers with a wide range of brands, it's important to introduce shoppers to other cool brands they might enjoy.


Show trending brands with fashion AI



Automate Occasion Tagging to Ensure Shopper Find Their Favorite Styles Effortlessly


Based on our user interviews and surveys, we have repeatedly learned how much our shoppers enjoy shopping for fashion items based on different occasions. They may have a wedding to attend, a date night where they want to feel special, or or professional situations where they need to look polished and put-together.


Again, when you're dealing with thousands of new products on a weekly basis, it's almost impossible for your merchandise team to tag different occasions for every single product (while possible, it's probably not the most exciting task!).


When AI can understand fashion much like a human does, it can automatically tag which occasion this clothing belongs to. W.concept utilizes this feature to help their shoppers quickly navigate to the occasion they're looking for. 


Automate the occasion tagging with fashion AI

Streamline the Integration of Fashion AI and Get All Types of Fashion Recommendations Your Website Needs


Shoppers seek seamless inspiration and discovery while browsing for fashion items. Upon landing on a product detail page, they anticipate further recommendations aligned with their product choices—be it similar items, complementary pieces, or selections resonating with others who share similar tastes.


W.concept understands these needs and has integrated multiple product recommendations across various areas, including the shopping cart, quick view, and product detail page, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable discovery experience.


Furthermore, W.concept enhances this experience by curating personalized recommendations for each shopper based on their preferred styles or purchases. Shoppers can navigate to 'My Feed' to begin exploring tailored curation.


Personalized recs with fashion AI


Optimized for fashion with site search



Optimized similar but different recommendations with fashion AI



Collaborative filtering can be optimized for fashion too!



Why Work with Multiple Solutions When You Can Streamline with a Single Solution?


Good search and recommendations can only happen when there is a high quality of data available, especially in the case of fashion, where design attributes, style implications, and user preferences matter. YesPlz AI provides 9 product discovery solutions specialized in fashion. By working with YesPlz AI, a retailer gains access to all 9 solutions and future updates without the need to allocate extra resources or spend additional money.


All-in-one fashion AI solutions for brands and retailers


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You can explore how YesPlz fashion AIs are integrated into W.concept's '24 renewal website. Enjoy a modern shopping experience with thousands of beautiful indie fashion brands here:

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