Building Men’s Outfits with the Virtual Mannequin Filter

A Visual Guide

Jess Erdman, July 2023

Finding men’s outfits online is not an easy task. 


With new styles, changing fashion vocabulary, and constantly evolving trends, the current landscape of search and discovery leaves men with limited options for finding the right outfit. They can either use outdated, frustrating text search or try to search within categories using filters that are often limited in scope. 


The Virtual Mannequin Filter is changing the conversation around shopping by making discovery visual and intuitive. 


No need to know the specific name of the item you are looking for or the brand. Just click on the virtual mannequin, and click to filter by product attributes like length, fit, and color. With easy-to-understand visual cues to accompany the Virtual Mannequin Filter, 


it’s never been easier to find the right outfit for any need. 


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Today, we’ll demonstrate how to use the Virtual Mannequin Filter to build a specific outfit for men: a look for a casual summer weekend.


A Casual Summer Weekend Outfit with the Virtual Mannequin Filter:


Start with the VM Filter, an intuitively designed filter:


Virtual Mannequin Filter by YesPlz, powered by Fashion AI


The Virtual Mannequin Filter shows the product category labeled with common product attributes. Click to filter by that attribute. And, it changes based on the category selected–so by selecting jeans, you’ll see a mannequin and attributes that are specific to jeans. 


Let’s start by building a casual summer weekend look:


Step 1: Let’s find a shirt.


-Select to filter by sleeve length. Let’s go with short.


Short sleeve shirts with the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter


The shopper instantly sees shirts filtered by sleeve length. No need to scroll through endless options. The Virtual Mannequin Filter makes it easy. 



Search results using the YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter powered by fashion AI

-Click to filter by neckline–let's go with a wide-collared neck. But, we could also see a high neck or another style.


Neckline product attribute with YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter



Check out the results:


Short sleeve, wide collar shirts with AI product filtering


-What about color?


Shoppers can select multiple color options. 


Let’s go with orange and blue, keeping it fun for summer. 


YesPlz color palette using the Virtual mannequin Filter


There are a ton of color options to choose from, and easy to understand since there are color swatches–so no confusion over the difference between turquoise and blue.


Orange and blue, wide collar, short sleeve shirts using AI filtering



Thanks to AI tagging, shoppers can easily find what they want.


Step 2: Find the Perfect Pants


Now that we've picked out a relaxed collared shirt for our casual summer outfit, let's find some pants. The Virtual Mannequin makes it easy to filter pants (or for summer, let’s go with a pair of light jeans).


We can quickly narrow in on a pair of jeans using the Virtual Mannequin Filter. With different wash types, easy-to-filter fit options, and features like distressed jeans, it’s intuitive to filter.


Look at how we can quickly find a relaxed fit, light wash jeans with distressed features in seconds:



No more guessing an item’s features based on confusing text filters. With the visual cues from the Virtual Mannequin Filter, we can easily see product attributes and understand them in a second. 


Step 3: Complete the Full Look with Shoes


To finish off our casual weekend outfit, we need shoes. The Virtual Mannequin Filter has all the options that are easy to browse.


In keeping with the summer theme, let’s find a casual all-white, leather sneaker.


-We just need to select shoe, then, we click to change sole–let’s choose a flat sole to keep things comfortable and light.


AI filtering for men's shoes by YesPlz AI



We can change the height of the shoe by selecting “neck”


-Let’s go with a low-top shoe.


Low top sneakers with YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter


And, there are even options for toe-type, or lace-up/slip-on.


Flat, low-top sneakers with YesPlz Virtual Mannequin Filter for men's shoes


The best part is, you can get as specific as you want–or keep your options open and explore.


-Let’s select white for color:


White sneaker option with color filtering


-And then material, leather:


Material filter powered by fashion AI


And voila, we have white, leather sneakers:



Leather, white, flat, low sole sneakers for men in just a few clicks

Search and filtering should be intuitive and visual


At its core, searching for the styles you love should be an intuitive, visual experience. 


We believe that shoppers should be empowered to browse their favorite styles and filter by the product attributes they know they love, and not have to endure endless text filters.


The Virtual Mannequin FIlter is our answer to this problem. Intuitive, visual, and interactive, the VM Filter keeps shoppers on-page, easily filtering for their preferred attributes. No guessing. No interpretation of confusing fashion language. 


The Virtual Mannequin is the AI-powered future of search–will you be a part of it?


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